Jun 23, 2017
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SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence RDS

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SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solution provides a holistic and integrated platform for the real-time analysis, aggregation and visualization of high volumes, velocities and varieties of business-critical data.

The solution leverages SAP HANA, SAP Event Stream Processing, and optionally SAP IQ and Apache Hadoop, with beautiful Fiori visualization. Jump-start examples with pre-defined content are available across a range of industries.

A) Sentiment Intelligence - Gain direct insights from your most vocal customers, deliver personalized, engaging experiences and create more responsive business with precision targeting.

B) Stream Intelligence for Web Stream Analysis- Monitor incoming events in real time, detect patterns of opportunities or problems, aggregate, analyze and respond with an event-driven architecture.

C) Signal Intelligence for Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance - Provide insight-to-action for machine-to-machine communication, the internet of things, service management and repair and maintenance operations.

D) Signal Intelligence for Transformer Load Analytics - Conduct a retrospective analysis of the load, of the load spikes, and of the resulting loss of life for transformers.


SAP HANA, Base edition, from 10 units to 1500 units
SAP HANA, Platform Edition, from 10 units to 1500 units
SAP HANA, Enterprise Edition, from 10 units to 1500 units
SAP HANA Advanced Data Processing Option, from 10 units to 1500 units
SAP Predictive Analytics Suite for Full Use HANA, from 10 units to 1500 units
SAP Data Services
SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming Option, from to 10 units to 1500 units
SAP HANA Information Management Option, from 10 units to 50 units


SAP HANA Spatial Option, from 10 units to 1500 units
SAP Lumira, desktop edition
SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering Option, from 40 units to 400 units

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