Sep 18, 2018
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SAP Online Knowledge Products for SAP Solutions

SAP Online Knowledge Products for SAP Solutions

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  • Ariba Network Integration for SAP SNC 
  • SAP API Management
  • SAP Allocation & Rescheduling Optimization by SAP Hana 
  • SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management in BS
  • SAP Customer Loyalty
  • SAP Demand Signal Management (SAP DSiM) 
  • SAP Data Services Migration Accelerator by Backoffice Associates 
  • SAP Demand Signal Management
  • SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness Mgmt
  • SAP Fashion Management Solution
  • SAP Infinite Insight
  • SAP Information Steward Accelerator by BackOffice Associates Custom and HCM Editions 
  • SAP Mobile Platform Cloud Version 
  • SAP Mobile Documents
  • Standard Migration Procedures for SAP Systems to SAP HANA 
  • SAP Mobile Platform
  • SAP Mobile Platformi, enterprise editions
  • Post-Copy Automation with NetWeaver LV Management 
  • SAP Operational Process Intelligence
  • SAP Tax Declaration Framework for Brazil
  • SAP SNC, UI Add-On for Purchase Order Collaboration
  • SAP Visual Enterprise
  • SAP Workforce Performance Builder


  • SAP Business Suite Products Powered by SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Software 
  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration
  • SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite 
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud 

SAP Solutions for Sustainability

  • SAP Energy and Environmental Intelligence
  • SAP Component Extensions for SAP EHS Management  
  • SAP EHS Regulatory Content 
  • SAP Management of Change
  • SAP BusinessObjects Sustainability Performance Management

SAP Sybase

  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)
  • SAP Sybase Afaria
  • SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP) 
  • SAP Sybase IQ
  • SAP Sybase PowerDesigner
  • SAP Sybase Mobiliser Platform
  • SAP Sybase Unwired Platform

SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions

  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office 
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 
  • SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis
  • SAP Crystal Reports version for SAP HANA 
  • SAP Predictive Analysis
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • SAP Visual Intelligence

SAP Solutions for EPM

  • SAP BusinessObjects EPM Solutions for Finance
  • SAP EPM OnDemand for Expense Insight 
  • SAP EPM OnDemand for Real-Time Profit & Loss Analysis 
  • SAP EPM OnDemand for Capital Project Planning 
  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation version for SAP NetWeaver 
  • SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Mgmt
  • SAP Strategy Management
  • SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management

SAP Solutions for GRC

  • SAP Audit Management
  • SAP Fraud Management Powered by SAP HANA 
  • SAP GRC Solutions
  • SAP GRC Global Trade Services
  • SAP Global Trade Services
  • SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning

SAP Solutions for EIM

  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Enrichment & Classification OnDemand
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management, version for SAP Solutions
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6: Master Data Governance 
  • SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward 
  • SAP Master Data Governance
  • SAP Quality Issue Mgmt 

SAP NetWeaver

  • SAP NetWeaver Accelerated Application Delivery
  • SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller 
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
  • SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment
  • SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management
  • SAP Enhancement Package for SAP NetWeaver, Enterprise Services Repository and Registry (ESR) 
  • SAP NetWeaver Identity Management
  • SAP NetWeaver Mobile
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP NetWeaver for Developers 
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal, Enterprise Workspaces  
  • SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Mgmt EE 
  • SAP NetWeaver Lifecycle Management
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 
  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 
  • SAP Enhancement Package for SAP NetWeaver: Process Integration 
  • SAP Single Sign-On

SAP xApps

  • SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)
  • SAP Plant Connectivity
  • SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo)


  • Duet Enterprise
  • Feature Packs for Duet Enterprise

SAP System Landscape Optimization (SLO)

  • SAP Landscape Transformation
  • SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)

SAP Customer Relationship Management

  • SAP Business Communications Management Software (SAP BCM) 
  • SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence
  • SAP EHPs for SAP CRM
  • SAP Mobile Sales Online
  • SAP Web Channel Experience Management

SAP ERP Financials

  • SAP ERP EHPs Financials 
  • SAP ERP client for E-Bilanz
  • SAP Simple Finance Add-On for SAP BS on HANA
  • SAP Financial Closing Cockpit
  • SAP Financial Closing Cockpit
  • SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Operations
  • SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Operations, Localization for China
  • SAP Financial Services Network
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Finance 
  • SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting 

SAP ERP Human CapitalManagement

  • SAP ERP EHPs Human Capital Management 
  • SAP HCM Localizations
  • SAP HR Renewal 
  • Integration Add-On for SAP HCM & SuccessFactors BizX 
  • Integration Add-On for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors HCM Suite 
  • Manager Self-Services Add-On for SAP ERP 
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Human Resources 
  • Integration Add-On for SAP HCM & SuccessFactors BizX 

SAP ERP Operations: Procurement and Logistics Execution

  • SAP ERP Procurement
  • SAP ERP: Operations Topics 
  • SAP EHP for SAP ERP: Operations PD & C 
  • SAP EHP for SAP ERP: Globalizations 
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) 
  • SAP Global Batch Traceability
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Procurement 

SAP ERP Operations: Product Development and Manufacturing

  • SAP ERP EHP Operations, Product Development & Collaboration 
  • SAP ERP EhP: Operations Topics 
  • SAP EHP for SAP ERP: Operations PD & C 
  • SAP EHP for SAP ERP: Commodity Mgmt and EAM 
  • SAP Global Batch Traceability
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Manufacturing 
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)
  • SAP Shop Floor Dispatcher & Monitoring Tool

SAP ERP Operations: Sales and Services

  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6: Operations Topics 
  • SAP EHP 7 for SAP ERP 6.0: Operations PD & C 
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Sales 
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Services 
  • SAP Sales and Operations Planning 

SAP ERP Corporate Services

  • SAP Commercial Project Management
  • SAP Enterprise Project Connection
  • SAP Portfolio and Project Management
  • SAP Real Estate Management, Add-On for Tenant Relationship 

SAP Supply Chain Management

  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, Demand Planning Add-In for Microsoft Excel
  • SAP Event Management
  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment
  • SAP Global Batch Traceability
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Supply Chain 
  • SAP EhPs for SAP SCM 
  • SAP Transportation Management

SAP Supplier Relationship Management 

  • SAP SRM Expert Bid Evaluation (Localization for China)
  • SAP Sourcing
  • SAP Sourcing and SAP Contract Lifecycle Management
  • SAP Sourcing / SAP CLM on Premise
  • SAP EHPs for SRM
  • SAP SRM User Interface Add-Ons 
  • SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management


  • SAP Mobile Apps for Industries
  • SAP ERP EHP Industries 

SAP for Automotive

  • SAP Dealer Business Management

SAP for Apparel and Footwear

  • SAP Apparel and Footwear (SAP AFS)

SAP for Banking

  • SAP Asset Liability Management by SAP and SunGard
  • Banking Services from SAP
  • SAP Liquidity Risk Management, powered by SAP HANA 
  • SAP Capital Yield Tax Management for Banking
  • SAP ERP EHP Financial Services
  • SAP Funding Management
  • SAP Price Optimization for Banking

SAP for Chemicals

  • SAP ERP EHP Manufacturing Industries 

SAP for Consumer Products

  • SAP Global Batch Traceability
  • SAP ERP Direct Store Delivery & Beverage 

SAP for Insurance

  • SAP ERP EHP Financial Services
  • SAP Insurance Analyzer
  • SAP Policy Management 
  • SAP Policy Management (FS-PM)
  • SAP Policy Management add-on for Auto Insurance  
  • SAP Product and Quotation Management for Insurance
  • SAP Reinsurance Management 

SAP for Media

  • SAP ERP EHP Services Industries 
  • SAP ERP EHP Manufacturing Industries 

SAP for Oil and Gas

  • SAP ERP EHP Manufacturing Industries 

SAP for Professional Services

  • SAP ERP EHP Services Industries 

SAP for Public Sector

  • SAP ERP EHP Public Services 

SAP for Retail

  • SAP ERP: DSD Beverage 
  • SAP ERP EHP - Retail / Trading Industries 
  • SAP Mobile Apps for Retail 
  • SAP POS Data Management
  • SAP Precision Retailing 
  • SAP Planning for Retail 
  • SAP Trade Delivery 

SAP for Telecommunications

  • SAP Convergent Charging
  • SAP Convergent Pricing Simulation, powered by SAP HANA 
  • SAP ERP EHP Services Industries 

SAP for Utilities

  • SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities
  • SAP Utilities Customer Engagement
  • SAP ERP  EHP Services Industries

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