Dec 14, 2018
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Edge Mobile BI

Edge Mobile BI

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Edge BI mobile overview - Deliver Information to Mobile Devices

In a 24-hour world, staying on top of your business every minute of the day can be a challenge. With SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI you can remain competitive, accessing critical business intelligence data from your mobile device wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Edge BI Mobile allows your organization to immediately access information from many mobile devices. Management and information workers can stay up-to-date and make decisions using the latest information. Sales and field service staff can provide the right customer, product, and work-order information where and when it’s needed – helping to shorten sales cycles and increase customer satisfaction.

Access and Interact with Personalized Information on Your Mobile Device

With Edge BI Mobile, users can drill down on and interact with familiar reports and metrics, change underlying data, trigger remote actions, and take immediate action.

An intuitive design promotes usage, helping workers get the information they need quickly, while fully leveraging the underlying Edge BI platform for security and other services.

SAP HANA Platform Edition, Data Management option 1 to 10 Units License

The SAP HANA In-memory data management technology supports the flexible and extremely fast analysis of massive amounts of enterprise data.

Multiple Engines

HANA has multiple engines inside its computing engine for better performance. HANA supports both SQL & OLAP reporting tools; there are separate engines to perform operations respectively. There is a separate calculation engine to do calculations. There is also a planning engine used for functional reporting. Above all sits something like a controller which breaks incoming requests into multiple pieces and sends sub queries to these engines. There are separate row and column engines to process operations between tables stored in rows and tables stored in column format

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