Jul 22, 2017
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BI RDS Scenario Questions

Venfor Athorization

BI-specific Value Statements for the SAP RDS Scenario Questions

iPuzzlebiz combines technology expertise and strategy capabilities.

We will help line of business (LOB) heads streamline business core processes and the trends of front-office events.

Different User Profiles with Different BI Needs

  • Customer Service Manager: I depend on customer analytic, KPI and operational cost strategy
  • Supply Chain Manager: I want status reports, identify trends and logistic process optimization
  • ERP Manager: I need to equip employees at all levels to perform their own data analysis and report generation
  • ERP User: I need an easy-to-use tool to prepare raw ERP data into actionable business intelligence
  • Marketing Manager: I have to design campaign analytic and predictive models. How do I use web intelligence tools?
  • CFO: I need access to the financial and corporate performance management 24*7
  • CIO: I have to optimize the corporate discipline by the business Intelligence across enterprise
  • Information Analyst: I have to optimize my work with better data mining and OLAP tools
  • Data Scientist: I have to do "what if" analysis, questioning existing assumptions and processes

Your journey to BI begins here

Driving your business without insight from trusted data means your decisions are undoubtedly reliant on a patchwork of spreadsheets, or worse, on gut instinct. It can feel like driving in the dark without headlights.

Considering the importance of business intelligence (BI) in today’s competitive climate and the number of BI tools, integration points and user requirements – choosing the right solution can seem daunting. Having a trusted partner guide you can make all the difference.

The Right BI Tools For the Corporate Discipline

Get faster results with proven products, expertise and ready-to use tools. SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions helps you with packaged solutions including analytic applications, rapid marts, and best practices to optimize your business processes from a full interactive experience to a limited responsiveness boundary.

Using SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions assures the Business Analysts, Information Consumers and Executive Managers to reflect their business / corporate intelligence strategy and requirements of sales, marketing, procurement and/or production. This approach spans the entire BI Life Cycle—from strategy and requirements analysis through Predictive Workbench, blueprinting web intelligence to dashboards configuration, Explorer data testing, training and rolling out Crystal Reports.

Licensing SAP Analytics Solutions

Accessing the functionality of analytics solutions from SAP typically requires package licenses as well as named user license. However, there are exceptions to this rule with regard to these solutions, as the names user license required depend on how the individuals use the licensed analytics solutions.

The package license for SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions is available through two metrics: concurrent session and user. SAP offers both metrics as options so you can choose which one, or both, to utilize.

In concurrent session licensing, the aggregate number of sessions accessing the licensed software at any one time is measured and used as the metric for licensing the software. In user licensing, each individual must be allocated a specific user license to access the software.

Concurrent session and the user metrics can be licensed in combination for a given software package. Individuals whose logon credentials are covered by user licenses do not consume concurrent session license when accessing the software. This combination of concurrent session and user licensing provides you with the ultimate flexibility in licensing SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions.

The analytics solutions include

  • SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions
  • SAP solutions for information management
  • SAP solutions for enterprise performance management (EPM)
  • SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)

Find out information on how the agile visualization of Lumira Standard edition can help you understand your data, detect key trends, and identify new business opportunities

  • Be the one who identifies the key strategy - shifting trend for your business
  • Get concrete tips on how to implement self-service BI
  • Discover how the requirements and expectations of self-service BI have evolved
  • Learn how the latest innovations in SAP agile visualization can help you create dynamic and compelling visualizations from your data

Best Practices for Business Intelligence and SAP HANA

SAP Best Practices for Business Intelligence provides SAP ERP customers with a quick path to deploy dashboards and reports which help provide better visibility into common business operations (Financial, Sales, Service, Purchasing, Manufacturing and CEO).

Each scenario includes the most relevant reports and one or more dashboards to help you make better business decisions.

The package licenses for SAP solutions for information management, EPM, GRC, and analytic vary by product. Each product is licensed through a single metric unlike products under the BI portfolio, which is offered through two metrics.

DW: Enterprise Data Warehousing, High-performance Analytic Solution and Data Mart Solution)

EIM: Data Services, Master Data Management, Event Processing, Content Management and Information Governance

BI: Reporting and Analysis, Dashboards & Visualization, Data Exploration, Mobile & BI Platform

EPM: Strategy Mgmt, Planning Budgeting & Forcasting, Probability & Cost Mgmt, Financial Consolidation & Disclosure

GRC: Enterprise GRC, Access Risk Management, Global Trade Services and Continuous Transaction Monitoring

Analytic Applications

  • By Industry: Financial Services, Public Sector and Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail & more ...
  • By LoB: Service, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Sustainability, IT, HR, and more ...

In general, if an individual uses these analytics solutions in a view-only manner, a named user license is not required; only the package license is required.

When an individual requires additional rights beyond view only, SAP offers three named user licenses that may be licensed in addition to the package license:

  • SAP Business Expert User
  • SAP Business Analytics Professional User
  • SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Limited User

Deploy in 8-10 weeks - Includes all required SAP BusinessObjects licenses. (On-premise, on-demand or on-device) We will also help you with connecting SAP BusinessObjects BI4.0 client tools on SAP HANA. Combine named user licenses (NUL) and concurrent access licenses (CAL)

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