Jul 25, 2017
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RemoteWare 16/U Server

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Every store, every device, every day. SAP RemoteWare lets you track it all from one central location.

Monitor all of your technology in all of your outlets from one central location. SAP RemoteWare puts a wealth of critical information at your fingertips.

  • Collect sales data from store locations
  • Publish and deliver marketing, sales and training materials to store employees
  • Distribute security and software updates to all stores’ hardware and applications
  • Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot in-store PCs

Track sales

Every day, your point-of-sale employees collect valuable sales and marketing data through customer payment transactions. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of stores, SAP RemoteWare can collect all generated data overnight, so you can easily track daily sales at all stores from one central office.

Update files and software

SAP RemoteWare automates and optimizes the delivery of files, applications, and updates to your remote systems running Microsoft Windows. It automatically checks installed software, verifies that it is current, and searches for damaged or missing files. It then delivers all necessary files, using RemoteWare’s communication optimization feature to minimize connection time and save bandwidth.

store technology remotely

SAP RemoteWare gives your IT administrators full, secure, remote takeover capabilities to deliver help desk support, server support, and remote access to the machines used at the front lines of your business.

Support heterogeneous environments

SAP RemoteWare supports a variety of remote devices found in the retail environment, including Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM 4690, as well as a broad range of networking options, including asynchronous dial-up connections, and VSAT and frame relay IP networks.

Manage content

Align your marketing messages across all point-of-sale locations. SAP RemoteWare’s easy-to-use content publication and distribution feature lets you quickly publish and share the most current product information, promotion details and more.

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