Nov 20, 2017
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SAP HANA Enterprise Edition 1 - 10 Units License, 1st Year Maintenance - Enterprise Support

Main Features

Technical support, phone consulting, 1 year, 24x7, Licenses by Vendor Authorization, First Year Maintenance Support

iPuzzlebiz customers can now get access to SAP HANA applications and platform on a subscription basis via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Previously, application and platform licenses were only available in a ‘Bring Your Own License’ (BYOL) model which required customers to have perpetual licenses for SAP HANA and SAP HANA applications.

The subscription covers the SAP HANA enabled SAP applications such as SAP Business Suite, BW and powered by SAP HANA applications along with SAP HANA Platform when purchased together with infrastructure and managed services from SAP.

For SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, subscription pricing is an additional alternative to the existing perpetual license option which continues to be available. Customers also have the flexibility to adopt a partial subscription model.  For example customers can get access to SAP HANA via a subscription agreement, while licensing the SAP Applications using a BYOL approach.

Benefits of the subscription model for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

With the new subscription model, customers can get started with SAP HANA and applications with low upfront investment resulting in faster time to value.  The subscription offering significantly lowers the barriers to get started with SAP HANA based applications. This gives an option to customers who are looking to transition from a capital expense to an operating expense model.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud subscription pricing is only available via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering and is not available for the on-premise deployments of SAP HANA and applications.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud versus SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a private managed cloud and is the fastest and easiest way to access HANA based innovations for mission critical applications delivered in the cloud as a managed service. Customers can access SAP HANA and SAP HANA based applications, such as SAP Business Suite and SAP BW, via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and take advantage of HANA optimized infrastructure as well as tailored professional services delivered by SAP or certified partners. 

Customers can either bring their existing SAP HANA and applications licenses to be managed by SAP via this offering, or choose subscription based access.
The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a complementary offering to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. It is SAP’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering in the public cloud, and the foundation platform to develop new applications as well as build extensions to existing SAP and non-SAP applications. It provides developers a set of application and database services and features native HANA, integrated and open (Java) developer experiences.

SAP Enterprise Support

SAP Enterprise Support develops and expands selected SAP capabilities to provide greater support flexibility and protect mission-critical processes for both large and midsize enterprises.

SAP Enterprise Support includes features, tools, and processes that apply throughout the life cycle of a customer's SAP environment. From design and build through implementation, operations, and ongoing upgrades, SAP Enterprise Support can support SAP customers at every phase of their SAP life cycle.

SAP Enterprise Support provides tools and capabilities for a change management process that can be applied from scoping to deployment. By utilizing one process throughout the life cycle, SAP Enterprise Support can help customers maintain consistent levels of support for change and quality management while potentially reducing the risk of production downtime.

SAP Enterprise Support also features processes and utilities to provide custom component management throughout the support life cycle - including operations, application management, maintenance, integration testing, and technical upgrades. SAP Enterprise Support includes tools that will allow customers to manage custom programs and reports throughout upgrades and enhancements. In addition, SAP Enterprise Support custom component management can assist customers by providing guidance and documentation regarding potential conflicts during upgrades and enhancements for the entire enterprise IT ecosystem.

By focusing on support throughout the IT ecosystem spanning the software life cycle, SAP is demonstrating a commitment to support at the solution level through SAP Enterprise Support. SAP Enterprise Support is designed to integrate the IT ecosystem and to provide SAP customers with a broad support network based on the end-to-end support infrastructure and mutually accepted support rules between all members of a customer's IT environment.

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) that best align IT investments with business goals and  requirements can achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Working with SAP and experienced partners in your local market, you get the support your company needs with a solution specifically designed for your business requirements.

Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

iPuzzlebiz will help you to maximize your investment in SAP software by providing named user and package licenses. We will help you develop the key business metrics needed for you to align them with your business real-world requirements. iPuzzlebiz will enable you to pay for financing and IT equipment leasing services in one total payment.

We also help you make more-informed investment decisions in line with your area of responsibility, specific business requirements, business acceleration and solution specialization. Please find below the set of products and solutions with the strong interest in the market at the present time:

Business Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects BI, Gain the insight you need to seize opportunities

Are you utilizing the power of business intelligence? (Optimize Your Business Plan with BI) / Lumira and SAP Crystal Solution

S/4HANA is a new business suite of applications designed to run simple in the digital economy.

Built on the advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA®, and designed using the most modern user experience, SAP Fiori®. SAP S/4HANA is a re-imagined suite to re-imagine business.

Download - SAP S/4HANA, edition for SAP Business All-in-One

SAP S/4HANA extends the value of simplicity to all lines of business and industries end-to-end with guided configuration for adoption, a modern user experience for business users of all roles in a company on almost any device, a simplified data model, on-the-fly insight at the highest level of granularity and re-imagined real-time business processes.

SAP Business One - A Single Integrated Business Management Application For Small Business

The SAP Business One application integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations.

SAP Business One Mini iTour

Unlike many other small business solutions on the market today, SAP Business One is a single application, eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules. This is ERP software made for the small business, built to move your organization past a basic accounting solution and disconnected management systems.

SAP Business One automates your critical business processes to improve operational efficiency and integrates all business information to drive sound decisions. With clear visibility company-wide, you can gain greater control over all business areas, see who your best customers are, and serve them better.

Think outside of the office with mobile analytics from SAP

SAP Mobile BI solutions is an affordable way to give your entire team an immersive mobile experience designed to increase their productivity and efficiency.

SAP Afaria- Managing the Proliferation
of Devices in Your Organization

Mobile Strategy Map

Tap into secure information from anywhere. Make smarter decisions based on real-time visibility into big data. Manage mobile applications across departments. And much more.

With mobile analytics from SAP, you get the best of both worlds – mobility and business analytics.  Our comprehensive solution helps you: 

- Address customer issues proactively

- Make sure your sales and field reps have the data they need to answer customer questions on the spot

- Navigate information intuitively in ad-hoc and free form ways 

- Lower total cost of ownership through reuse of deployed BI reports and platform functionality

In addition, only SAP Mobile Analytics allows you to customize the way you view large amounts of data with easy to use interactive charts and dashboards that help guide decision-making and manage risk.

Learn why using a SaaS solution is a strong strategy for small and mid-size business using bring your own device (BYOD).

Digital business transformation

E-commerce, marketing, billing, sales and service - all in one solution. Save time and money with SAP Hybris

Message from Principal at iPuzzlebiz:

SAP serves more than 250,000 small to midsize companies and offers technology that will serve your needs now and grow with you as your business continues to grow.

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