Jul 26, 2017
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OpenText Tempo Box

OpenText Tempo Box

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Secure Enterprise Cloud Storage

OpenText Tempo Box provides an innovative and secure way of easily synchronizing your important business files across multiple computers and mobile devices.

Tempo Box also allows you to easily share information with other people – your colleagues, business partners, even customers. Best of all, the files and folders are safely managed within a secure content management system that lets you track, audit and manage your files and folders. Tempo Box lets you manage and control your information responsibly and on-premise or in the cloud while letting your users easily access and share information across devices.

Tempo Box lets you:

  • Access, view and manage your files on your iPhone or iPad
  • See who you are sharing files with and invite others to your folder
  • Upload pictures, documents and videos to your shared Tempo folder
  • Make files available offline by marking them as Favorites
  • Instantly synchronize content across any number of devices, ensuring users have the latest version of information
  • Open and edit files in other apps installed on your iPhone or iPad
  • Respond to sharing requests of folders by other Tempo users
  • Securely store your files with local encryption, secured with your device passcode
  • Direct integration with your corporate LDAP or AD directory makes sharing with other Tempo users fast and easy

NOTE: This app is designed to work with an OpenText Tempo Box environment.

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