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Data complexity has become a significant factor in rising data center costs, and 42 out of 100 CIOs list this as their top concern

Growing data volumes, changing data models, and new types of data are creating additional complexity for data centers, causing costs to soar. 

SAP Adaptive Server Platform Edition (ASPE) which consists of SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server can help you reverse this trend.

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According to a recent IDC study, the total cost for SAP ASE is 40% less than that of other database systems customers deployed, saving companies about $243,000 per 100 users over five years.

Extreme Transaction Processing and the Real-Time Data Solution: Download infographic - An IDC infographic, sponsored by SAP

SAP HANA® and Real-Time Transactional Replication - Download infographic


BI software license metrics:

The named user (NU) metric for users that need guaranteed access to the software, or for users that need to use most of the desktop software products. The concurrent session based license (CSBL) for casual users. This applies to the server components and Analysis for Office.


We have simplified finding the appropriate SAP license model to make it easier to understand, while still keeping the core components.

If you have obtain licenses that are not considered a full use license, be sure to read the Software Use Rights to understand the restrictions. The temporary license keys are to assist customers install the software they have purchased while permanent license keys are being requested and processed. iPuzzlebiz may also provide keys for trial or evaluation use.

1. To obtain the permanent license keys which activate the exact licenses as per your order or license agreement, please follow the iPuzzlebiz process for requesting permanent keys. And when no license conversions are needed, simply go to Service Marketplace and download your new software.

2. We have even provided a little bonus to customers that own the BI Suite license – you will now benefit automatically from runtime licenses of SAP Data Integrator, SAP IQ, and SAP Power Designer! For any enquiries or assistance with your license keys, please contact us.

3. For a trial or evaluation of any product or license option for which you are not already licensed, please contact your Account Manager at iPuzzlebiz to arrange a Trial Agreement. All of the SAP BusinessObjects software can be downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace and you can receive temporary license keys from us!

4. To access any product which is still only available in SAP ramp-up program, please go to

About SAP Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) license

All product editions except the Evaluation Edition require a license. Optional features are sold and licensed separately. Whether you install a licensed or evaluation edition, you have 30-day access to all features and options.

To use an option beyond the 30-day evaluation period, you must purchase and install an appropriate SAP Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) license. The e-mail message or Web key you receive when you purchase an SAP Sybase product provides specific product and licensing information. Before installing and configuring any product edition, know which features you are licensed to use.

SAP Data Management Portfolio

SAP Adaptive Server Platform Edition (ASPE) leads to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across organizations' license estates. SAP is allowing SAP customers to trade in their existing under utilized licenses in exchange for new ASPE licenses, creating yet another opportunity for cost reduction.

ASPE includes many options that were previously additionally licensed, presenting immediate cost saving opportunities as well a solution to meeting business, regulatory and security needs. The standard functionality: ASE Encryption, ASE Semantic Partitions, ASE Security and Directory Services, ASE Compression, IQ Advanced Security and IQ Very Large Database Management are extremely useful tools.

ASE Encryption: Protect sensitive data with minimal performance impact

ASE Semantic Partitions: Partition data to deliver lower cost and higher performance

ASE Security and Directory Services: Ensure data privacy with row level access control, encryption of data in transit and integration with Active Directory, LDAP and PAM module

ASE Compression: Compression of structured and unstructured data, reducing physical storage costs; improving cache and I/O efficiency

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise
Drive faster, more reliable data processing – for less – with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE). This affordable relational database management system (RDBMS) is designed for high-performance transaction-based applications involving massive volumes of data – and thousands of concurrent users.
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Get rock-solid, ultra-fast performance with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise. Download the 30-day free trial download.
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