Nov 14, 2019
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SAP Cloud for Analytics

SAP Cloud for Analytics (BusinessObjects Analytics) is a software as a service (SaaS) business intelligence (BI) platform designed by SAP specifically for the cloud with the intent of providing all analytics capabilities to all users in one product.

Transition to the Cloud

As market continues to shift, we understand that Businesses need help to transform their business from transaction-driven to recurring revenue or hybrid models.

The move to a new revenue model is one of the most difficult transitions that a business senior executive will make in their career and requires a structural change in the people, processes and systems of a company. Making a successful transition is critical path for Business Partners. Fortunately, you are not in it alone.

Built natively on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP BusinessObjects Analytics allows data analysts and business decision makers to visualize, plan and make predictions all from one secure, cloud-based environment.

SAP BusinessObjects Analytics differs from other SAP BI platforms, which often require data to be integrated from various sources and users to jump between different applications when performing tasks, such as creating reports.

With all the data sources and analytics functions in one product, Cloud for Analytics users are able to work more efficiently. The key functions are accessed from the same user interface that is designed for ease-of-use for business users.


SAP Businessobjects Analytics evolved out of a product called SAP Cloud for Planning, which was released in February 2015. In addition to business planning, the other key components are

  • BI (for reporting, dashboarding, data-discovery and visualization),
  • predictive analytics and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

SAP has other cloud-based BI products, including SAP Lumira Cloud, BI OnDemand and, as well as a cloud-hosted version of its SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, but these have more limited functionality than Cloud for Analytics and are based on moving existing content to the cloud.

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BusinessObjects Web Intelligence User License

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Crystal Server Analytics 50 Users License


Hana Platform Edition, Predictive option 1 to 10 Units License

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Lumira User License Enterprise Support

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