Jul 26, 2017
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Payroll Engine

The payroll engine is a multinational solution that integrates directly with the HR software from SAP, allowing users to enter HR information that becomes immediately available to the payroll program for gross-to-net calculations.

The payroll software can be integrated with SAP ERP Financials as well, which facilitates the efficient transfer of payroll results for the general ledger, controlling and bank transfer activities, and other operational purposes.

SAP's payroll offering carries with it the functionalities of

  • Payroll Area (in which employees can be grouped depending on pay date frequency)
  • Period Modifier (which segments out periods with the same frequency but different dates)
  • Payroll Calendar (which generates cumulating wage type calendars' allowing for month, quarter, and annual sum totals)
  • Wage Types (payment/deduction coding)
  • Pay Scale Types, Areas, Groups, and Levels (which respectively aids in the segregation, differentiation, and subdivision of pay scales based on pre-defined criteria)




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