Sep 25, 2017
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Partner Solutions Advisor Support

Partner Solution Advisor is iPuzzlebiz' partner program for our advisor team to facilitate buy-in and support from our client's senior management for business cases, key project plans, commitments and project changes relating to technology business management process improvements.

Prescriptive vs. Performance

We negotiate for success in business with the goal of raising the awareness of organizations, companies and individuals who have the creative and talent to go beyond the ordinary business solutions and are characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement during the negotiating process.

The larger the business and technology services, the greater the need for an IT consultant to help you choose the strategies on how best to use information technology to meet your business objectives. We will demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with “Our Way” model and aligned with our client's values. There are three levels of support (Add-ons IT solutions and services will be discussed separately) from different technology partners!


Unlock the power of SAP's portfolio of software, technologies, and cloud solutions – with strategic consulting from iPuzzlebiz.

There are two distinctive approaches to iPuzzlebiz IT partner advisory consulting:

  • The expert style and
  • the process style

The Process Consultant operates on the assumption that the client has the necessary capability to address the problem themselves, but requires advice and guidance from the consultant. The Expert Consultant uses their knowledge and expertise to diagnose and solve the client's problem. This style requires the adoption of a directive and prescriptive approach

Change Management Consulting - Process Style

  • Partner Solutions Advisor Support BI Process Style: For Business Users with Operational Needs
    - Low Touch and Minimal Complexity

We help clients to conduct post-implementation reviews of process improvements to ensure sustainable solutions and realization of benefits. This will Integrate end-to-end processes in client's cross-pillar business groups to effect their operational efficiency and fosters an environment of continuous improvement by creating frameworks to encourage identification of process improvements/ new ideas and to adopt best practices.

Business Performance Management Consulting - Expert Style

  • Partner Solutions Advisor Support BI Expert Style: For Business Analysts - Ad-Hoc, Impact and Root Cause Analysis
  • Partner Solutions Advisor Support BI Expert Style: For Executive and Managers - Performance Highlights, Metrics and Trends

 Silver Level Plan - IT Service Reactive Program, e.g SAP Standard Support and Maintenance

This basic plan is designed for clients who need standard IT service management support and only want to call on advisor team when a problem occurs.

Technical support will be done on an on-call basis and will be billed as the need arises.

Our Partner Solutions Advisor Support provides consulting for Facility Management Services (FMS) to small and medium enterprises by which manage their IT infrastructure for availability, manageability and performance.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is another cost effective alternative to in-house Infrastructure Management.

 Gold Plus Plan - IT Service Enterprise Program, e.g. SAP Enterprise Support and Maintenance

This plan is designed for clients who want a proactive approach to Cloud, Data center IT service management and consulting that brings peace of mind.

This method will ensure issues are resolved before they become disasters and keep the IT infrastructure and enterprise running as securely and technology business management efficiently as possible. Partner Solutions Advisor Support monitors and analyze opportunities for quality improvement; recommend solutions. For example, System x Solutions for SAP Business One with SAP HANA and Flex System Solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator Offerings!

The SAP's Control Center approach will be discussed with clients and they have the opportunity to choose between two different levels of support: SAP Enterprise Support or SAP Standard Support services.

 Platinum iPuzzlebiz - All Inclusive Technology Business Management

This is the perfect choice for enterprise that put great demands on their IT service management processes and do not want to worry about fluctuating costs every month. This will ensure the CIO's stay "Top Priority" with "almost-never-unexpected-bill" of IT coverage.

This plan provides you with on-demand solutions, training and the same level of service as having a 24*7 IT Cost Transparency support. In the field of "knowledge management", it is important to properly identify and use existing knowledge resources in your organization to clarify how proper understanding and use of knowledge resources can mean greater profitability.

Recommending tools for monitoring service delivery performance, production processes and quality, will help our client to generate reports for the purpose of optimizing operational effectiveness. We help to create and monitor metrics for process enhancements; report on progress and outcomes.

Platinum plan can include other professional services such as Talent and Workforce Management, Project-Based & Managed Services Delivery, Business Development and Sales, Finance and Procurement.

IT Contract Expertise


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IT Governance and Management


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