Feb 17, 2019
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SAP Sybase IQ Multiplex Grid Option

SAP Sybase IQ provides significantly faster query performance than traditional database environments. Additional product options extend the power of SAP Sybase IQ to meet specific performance, scalability, security, availability, and manageability requirements.

The Multiplex Grid Option lets you add nodes to a multiplex environment, enabling a highly scalable shared disk grid technology that allows. The Multiplex Grid Option lets you incrementally scale concurrent query jobs, load jobs, or both.  With SAP Sybase IQ multiplex, you can start with one server and add CPUs and memory as needed.

You can add servers and CPUs with little or no loss in scalability, plus you can add terabytes of disk to the storage area network (SAN), independent of adding server hardware, with no significant performance degradation.

SAP Sybase IQ multiplex supports multiple users per CPU.

The Multiplex Grid Option provides:

  • Highly scalable grid architecture in all dimensions: storage, CPUs, and number of users
  • Quick and easy scaling of jobs via flexibly assigned read and write nodes
  • High availability features migrate failed jobs to other nodes

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IQ Server License, Multiplex Grid Option

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