Mar 23, 2018
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SAP ERP HCM, Talent Management

The talent management processes in SAP ERP HCM are fully integrated with one another as well as with other business processes.


  • The fully web-enabled, end-to-end recruiting software in SAP ERP HCM helps you quickly find the right talent and build long-term relationships with current and potential employees.
  • There is innovative support for talent relationship management as well as traditional central recruiting functions.
  • Your recruiting managers can analyze and track your applicants and candidates. Links to external systems such as job boards and recruiting service providers - as well as to your company's internal systems - help you align your recruiting programs with your corporate strategy, find top candidates, cut recruiting and sourcing costs, and improve employee retention.

Succession Management

SAP ERP HCM lets you minimize business disruption when key positions are vacated by helping you proactively identify, develop and track high-potential employees best suited to fill those positions.

Enterprise Learning

The SAP Enterprise Learning environment within SAP ERP HCM integrates and manages multiple business and learning processes and helps you tailor learning paths to an individual's educational needs and personal learning style. The software supports Web-based, classroom and virtual-learning training.

It includes an intuitive learning and instructor portal, a powerful learning management system, a test author, tools for structuring e-content, a virtual learning tool provided by the SAP Acrobat Connect Professional applications by Adobe, and functions for content management and collaboration.

Tight integration with SAP ERP analytical functionality lets organizations plan, track and measure the impact their training has and ensure their learning strategy is aligned with corporate objectives.

Employee Performance Management

You can use SAP ERP HCM to automate your performance management processes, increase performance transparency, communicate enterprise strategy, align employee initiatives and goals throughout the enterprise, and reward your employees based on their performance.

The solution supports different appraisals (performance appraisals, potential assessments and 360-degree appraisals), objective-setting agreements, and performance-based rewards. The solution is extremely flexible, allowing you to custom-design the content of your appraisal documents and performance management processes.

Compensation Management

With SAP ERP HCM, you can implement innovative reward strategies such as pay-for-performance and competency, variable pay plans and long-term incentive programs. The solution also helps you analyze and compare compensation packages using internal and external salary data to ensure that you are competitive with other employers.


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