Oct 22, 2018
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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise - Small Business Edition

SAP has improved upon SAP ASE Small Business Edition (ASE Small Business Edition) with the release of SAP ASE Edge Edition providing small and medium sized businesses with the same enterprise-level features that are found in SAP ASE Enterprise Edition.

SAP ASE Edge Edition can run on physical or virtual machines with 4 cores or less.  Machines are not limited to 2 chips as they were for SAP ASE Small Business Edition.  This gives small businesses the ability to leverage the benefits of virtualization on today’s more powerful, multi-core platforms.

SAP ASE Edge Edition replaces SAP ASE SBE and includes many options that were not available to SAP ASE Small Business Edition customers.  Every license includes:

  • Security and Directory Services which provides SSL, LDAP authentication, row-level security, and more to provide the highest levels of security and protection from un-authorized access
  • Encryption of sensitive information such as credit card numbers or SSNs that can only be decrypted by authorized users
  • Intelligent Partitioning of data based on its content, which improves performance, shortens maintenance times, and simplifies operations for aging data
  • Compression which can lower storage costs and improve I/o performance
  • Warm standby replication of ASE Edge data to protect businesses from data loss and accessibility in the event of a system failure

SAP ASE Edge Edition provides small and medium sized businesses with enterprise-grade features for enhanced performance, advanced security, and data availability in the event of hardware failure.  It can be purchased through SAP partners at a low price point that will fit the budget of small businesses.


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