Mar 30, 2020
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Analytics : BusinessObjects : Edge BI : Data Integration

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI version with Data Integration

  • Graphical ETL Transform
  • Impact Analysis
  • Data Lineage

Integrate Data From Multiple Sources

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with data integration allows midsize companies to easily explore, extract, transform, and deliver data. With the data integration functionality, you can easily move data volumes in real time or at any interval, allowing you to manage and organize disparate data systems to gain a single view of your organization.

Edge BI dashboards and visualizations offer a variety of connectivity options, including Edge BI universes, Live Office, web services, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services, Microsoft Reporting Services, and more...

Intuitive Development Environment

Edge BI with data integration can significantly simplify and reduce your IT efforts by providing an intuitive development environment to handle all tasks associated with building an ETL (extract - transform - load) process.

Building fact table with data integrator

Plus, you can accelerate and simplify development efforts by building and managing data integration jobs within a single graphical environment. The drag-and-drop user interface allows you to quickly build jobs that profile, validate, audit, cleanse, transform, and move data.

Provide trusted information with impact analysis

Edge BI with data integration provides the ability to see how a change in your source data can affect both the ETL and BI environment. It is also unique in its ability to interchange metadata with the Edge BI layer.

Data integrator impact analysis

This metadata integration provides end-to-end impact analysis that allows you to see the effect of changes in the source systems down to the BI reports. As a result, you can easily manage change in your entire ETL and BI environment.

SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge analytics edition (BI Edge) has maximum limits of 250 named users or 50 Concurrent Sessions on a single server.




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