Nov 15, 2019
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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise - In-Memory Database Option

SAP ASE offers two fully featured in-memory database options

- In-memory database (IMDB) ‒ a page-oriented, zero-disk footprint in-memory database that uses the SAP ASE buffer cache to provide in-memory storage for the entire database.

- In-memory row storage (IMRS) ‒ an in-memory, row-oriented storage cache that stores frequently accessed data from "hot" tables or partitions. Older, infrequently accessed data are stored in the page-based buffer cache. Distinct from an IMDB, only part of a disk-resident database's data is stored in-memory in an IMRS, while large amounts of the database are stored on disk, accessed through the buffer cache.

The IMDB and IMRS features require these licenses:

  • ASE_IMDB license to enable fully in-memory IMDB.
  • ASE_MEMSCALE license to enable an IMRS in a disk-resident database and to configure the features that require an IMRS.


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Adaptive Server Enterprise In-Memory Database Option, CPU License

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