Nov 15, 2019
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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise - Partitions Option

SAP ASE Partitions Option enables semantic partitioning for table row data. Partitions help reduce contention and support parallel processing.

By using the semantic partitions in Sybase ASE, DBAs can increase operational scalability as a result of reduced maintenance time and more predictable maintenance tasks. Sybase has 3 types of semantic partitioning: range, hash and list.

Range Partitioning

The Range partitioning is the most flexible and adaptable partition type in ASE 15. Some of the advantages to using range partitioning are:

  • Reduces maintenance time by eliminating the need to run maintenance tasks on older static data rows
  • Implements rolling, alternating or migrating partitioning schemes to constantly archive older data rows

Range partitioning offers, by far, the most features and flexibility to manage time-period aware data. In today’s data explosion, the bulk of the data is growing in this area. An excellent use for range partitioning is financial transaction information, with time-period aware data.

Hash Partitioning

Like the Round-Robin partitioning, hash partitioning is distributed evenly over the available partitions. The advantage to hash partitioning is that no rebalancing is necessary. The Hash partition type is most effective with data that does not have a life cycle, like sales records, or data that does not require any form of range queries. This partition type is most likely used on primary keys

List Partitioning

This partition type allows you to dynamically add new partitions without unpartitioning and repartitioning the table. Like hash partitioning, the list partitioning offers the best performance on queries with exact matches. This means “column = constant” works best with this partition type.

Platform: Linux, Win, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris


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Adaptive Server Enterprise Partitions Option, CPU License

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