Dec 8, 2019
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SAP Product List : Licensing : Data Management : ASE : Disaster Recovery Package Option

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise - Disaster Recovery Package Option

Scope of License and Restrictions: Your purchase of the Adaptive Server Enterprise Disaster Recovery Option entitles You to the following non-exclusive, non-transferable license rights.

- To use one (1) copy of Sybase Replication Server (“Replication Server”) for the sole purpose of maintaining a single Standby Copy of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (“ASE”) and

- To make one additional copy of ASE (for which you have purchased a separate license) for use as a Standby Copy only.

Use of all components of the Package is limited to the same Machine running on the same Operating System Software and the same Site for which You acquired the license, and the components of this Package may not be unbundled and used on any different or additional Machines or Sites; except that it is not required that Replication Server reside on the same Machine as the Standby Copy of ASE.


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Adaptive Server Enterprise Disaster Recovery Option

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