Oct 22, 2018
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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise - High Availability Option

SAP ASE with High Availability option is an enhancement compared to failover cluster vendor solutions. Having a companion database server already up and running increases the level of resilience of the system because: The companion database server's process is there ready to accept databases.

SAP ASE with High Availability option is enhancement of O/S vendor solutions.  SAP ASE with High Availability option clusters a pair of database servers together. Main features of SAP ASE with High Availability option are:

  • Vendor Failover cluster solution integration
  • Two database servers cluster
  • Active/Passive, Active/Active configuration
  • Shorter failover duration for large database configuration
  • Transparent reconnection

SAP ASE with High Availability option interacts with vendor failover cluster solution. It uses cluster APIs of vendor solutions to be cluster aware. For instance, it is able to query cluster to get resource group state or to trigger a failback on cluster layer.

SAP ASE with High Availability option applies only to SAP ASE Enterprise Edition. SAP ASE Cluster Edition is a different product with additional features and capabilities. For the moment, SAP Business Suite is only certified with SAP ASE Enterprise Edition with HA option.

Platforms: HP UX, IBM AIX, Solaris, RHEL, SuSE Enterprise, Windows 2008  R2 – Microsoft Cluster Server


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