Dec 14, 2019
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SAP Data Quality Management - SDK

The Data Quality Management SDK provides a framework and APIs that allow you to write applications that use SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality technology, such as parsing, standardization, correction, and matching of data. You can use it to create applications that target the specific Data Quality functionality you want to employ with an in-process integration.

This product provides functionality similar to SAP Data Services, but deploys that technology as an API. The Data Quality Management SDK provides a lighter footprint than Data Services.

SAP DQM SDK software allows companies to embed data quality address cleansing, data cleansing, data enhancement, data matching and data consolidation inside custom applications through API integration. This product requires no server components (either from SAP or a third party) or user interface to access the Data Quality functionality.

Features and Functions

  • Embed data quality management – within your custom applications
  • Leverage API integration – for global address validation, data cleansing, matching, and geocoding, allowing organizations to increase the value of any application quickly.
  • Quickly implement and enforce – data quality business rules with zero end-user training or ongoing administration
  • Flexible choices – for data parsing, standardizing, & validating party data, via pre-built cleansing packages
  • Data de-duplication – and relationship identification
  • Geocoding – latitude & longitude capabilities
  • Light footprint – perfect for embedding into applications
  • No third party software required – (RDBMS, App Server, etc.)
  • Seamless in process integration – with no user interface
  • Simple and Flexible API – for software development ease of use (Java, .Net and C++ API’s)
  • Developed for OEM – to be seamlessly embedded within other applications
  • Global address validation engine – for over 240 countries
  • Real-time point of entry validation – and matching for potential duplicates

SAP Data Quality Management SDK can deliver benefits that include
  • Increased productivity – and reduced rework costs with entry-point data validation
  • Better performance – through well-informed decisions based on reliable, timely information
  • Greater business process efficiencies – with access to one version of the truth across the enterprise
  • Reduced risk and increased ROI – through consistent, high quality information
  • Improved compliance with automated governance processes across the organization


As the Data Quality Management SDK is an embedded, in-line processing, data quality solution, you might think of the letters emdq meaning Embedded Data Quality.

Upgrading from the previous version

For information about using UpgradeTransformSettings, the TransformFactory class documentation for C++, Java, or .Net in the Developer Guide.


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Data Quality Management SDK License

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