Feb 28, 2020
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Analytics : BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio

The SAP BusinessObjects Analytics portfolio delivers the most comprehensive cloud and on-premise solutions to allow IT and business users to collaborate and analyze data in a secure and self-service way

SAP BusinessObjects range of the products makes information stored in data warehouses and across a variety of other data sources more readily accessible to businesses and developers seeking to draw value from it in the form of advanced analytics and other applications.

Key to the effort is the product's ability to remove a major stumbling block affecting big data projects: moving ETL (extract, transform, load) data to a centralized location for subsequent processing
  • Discover how to master different business solutions which will help you deliver high quality reports to your organization and clients.
  • Work efficiently in a BI environment while keeping your data accurate, secured, and easily shared.
  • Learn how to build and format reports that will enable you to get the most useful insights from your data

SAP added to its cloud BusinessObjects analytics lineup with support for machine learning and big data sources such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and SparkSQL as well as interfaces such as the SAP Digital Boardroom and Microsoft's Surface Hub.

The S/4HANA Cloud SDK (software development kit) will enable developers to build apps based on its in-memory enterprise resource management technology with a 75-percent reduction in development timelines and at cost savings of 40 to 50 percent. Also unveiled were new analytics offerings, including the 2.0 release of SAP Lumira, a data visualization platform that now features improved support for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence and SAP Business Warehouse.

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 has all the necessary front-end BI enhancements to continue to drive HANA, and it has all the back-end data integration tweaks and enhancements to keep the entire EIM portfolio up with the state of the art.

Count on SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions for confident decision making and alignment across people and teams on a single, scalable BI platform:

  • Data Exploration (Explorer)
  • Advanced Analysis - Reporting Mart (Analysis and Predictive Workbench)
  • Interactive Analysis (Web Intelligence and Analysis)
  • Dashboards and Visualization (Dashboards - Data Mart)
  • Enterprise Reporting - Operational System (Crystal Reports, BI Platform and Live Office) 
  • Enterprise Information Management - Corporate Scorecards (DI and DQ), Data Warehouse

SAP BusinessObject Strategy Management

SAP BusinessObject Strategy Management supports your company with regard to managing your strategy by ensuring the classic range of strategy management tools:

  • Graphic illustration of the strategy (e.g. in form of a strategy map)
  • Illustration of management parameters (e.g. key performance indicators)
  • Initiatives management (e.g. monitoring of steering measures)

In addition, SAP BusinessObject Strategy Management offers you the possibility to work out individual standard reports, to receive notification of predefined threshold values as well as relevant information on a personalized site.

SAP BusinessObjects EPM application

Whether you are an executive, functional department head, line-of-business manager, or a consultant, BusinessObjects EPM can help you make a difference in your organization’s performance management strategy.


  • Planning and Consolidation
  • Financial Information Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Sustainability Performance Management
  • Spend Performance Management
  • Profitability and Cost Management
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Supply Chain Performance Management
  • CAPEX Starter Kit
  • IFRS Starter Kit

SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services

You know that doing business internationally requires you to keep track of, and be in compliance with, myriad regulations, tariffs, documents, security measures, and laws. Because many of the rules and regulations are constantly in flux (many processes change on a yearly basis, at minimum), and new ones are constantly being added, organizations like yours are constantly trying to adapt by remaking your processes on the fly. While SAP provides a robust solution in the form of SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services, even it can’t solve all of your problems without some customization.




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