Dec 14, 2019
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Experience to Feel the SAP HANA Standard and Enterprise Technical Support

SAP Enterprise Support (ES) and Service Sessions (SS) are intended to support today's highly integrated environments and complex technological frameworks. SAP Technical Support is designed to meet the changing dynamics outlined in the preceding section - especially for mission-critical solutions. SAP Enterprise Support can incorporate all aspects of an enterprise environment, including SAP applications, customer-specific code, and partner solutions.

SAP Maintenance Base Value (SMBV) is the current maintenance base for all licensed Software excluding SAP HANA Base Edition, SAP HANA Platform Edition ,SAP HANA Enterprise Edition, SAP HANA LREA, SAP HANA LREAB, SAP HANA, db edition for BW, SAP HANA, RT edition for SAP BW.

First Year Maintenance (FYM) Main Features

  • phone consulting
  • 1 year
  • 24x7
  • Licenses by Vendor Authorization
  • First Year Maintenance Support


The cost for the obligatory standard maintenance (includes helpdesk support and software updates) would be discussed directly with SAP and is a percentage of the applicable list price (discount scales considered). Maintenance is usually charged in advance on a quarterly basis.

By analyzing whether and how individual users actually utilize SAP, a different picture often emerges that can be checked to reduce SAP license consumption significantly.

Some examples of these checks include:

  • Users who have changed the source code in the last 12 months and therefore should require a developer license
  • Users who are working around the clock with no break in their usage patterns, which may provide evidence of indirect usage
  • Users who have been recently expired
  • Users who have logged on since their validity has expired
  • Users with multiple concurrent logins


The SAP Enterprise Support Plan is our most comprehensive offering of prioritized and proactive services for companies where downtime is never an option and performance and stability are mission-critical.

With SAP HANA, all of your key operational data is in memory ‒ bypassing the bottleneck effect inherent in disk-based systems. Smaller enterprises now have a way to drive their business at the speed of the market and accelerate access to real-time analytics while keeping the cost of building and supporting an IT infrastructure as low as possible.

Now you can get immediate support and answers to really complex questions and execute like never before.

Creating Service Sessions for SAP HANA Technical Support

There are only two Industries that refer to their “Customers” as “Users”, one is the Software Industry. You can define your own service sessions by specifying the underlying solution and the planned date. When you create a service session, it will displayed in a table, sorted in reverse date order. The table contains the following information for each service session:
  • Solution
  • Session
  • Delivery date
  • Rating

SAP Maintenance Base Value (SMBV) is the maintenance base for all licensed Software excluding SAP HANA Base Edition, SAP HANA Platform Edition ,SAP HANA Enterprise Edition, SAP HANA, db edition for BW, SAP HANA, RT edition for SAP BW.

You can find a complete list of all SAP HANA components and the respective SAP HANA hardware and software requirements in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) on the SAP Service Marketplace and in the SAP Community Network.




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