Nov 17, 2017
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SAP Transportation Management (TM)

Today, companies are facing the pressure to reduce costs and improve customer service in the face of escalating transportation. Rising fuel costs, transportation volumes and customization lead to an increase in transportation costs.

SAP Logistics User

SAP Logistics User is a Named User solely authorized to perform following tasks for the applicable licensed Software

  • Transportation Management
  • Warehousing
  • Track and Trace
Plan and optimize - Improve service, maximize use, and reduce costs
Manage - Process orders, schedule bookings, and tender shipments
Integrate - Utilize the full potential of SAP ERP, EWM, Event Management, and GTS Based on TM

Make your transportation processes transparent, accessible, and adaptable with the SAP Transportation Management software.
  • Manage the transportation logistics network in a holistic manner
  • Minimize risk factors across the entire supply chain
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Maximize utilization of assets
  • Deliver to expected customer service levels while remaining flexible and responsive to unexpected events
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations and policies

Moving products from point A to point B is only one piece of the transportation management puzzle. Utilize the individual SAP TM components and their practical application so you can flexibly respond to changing regulations, traceability requirements, and tight deadlines. Get in the drivers seat with this one-stop resource on SAP TM.

End-to-End Management

Let the SAP TM ecosystem support your transportation processes from order management to charge calculation to tracking and analysis.

Master Data

Take advantage of the foundation for SAP TM processes

  • Customer data
  • Vendor data
  • Organizational data, as well as network- and resource-specific master data.

Order Management

Manage the transportation orders with the SAP TM that is bi-directionally integrated with the SAP ERP.

Key Benefits with SAP TM

Improved on-time delivery performance through better multi modal planning and higher transparency.

Reduced transportation costs by determining the most effective transportation modes and routes, including the sequence of pickups and deliveries.

Improved transportation efficiency, readiness and agility by operating, orchestrating and monitoring transportation processes in a highly automated way.

Better transport vehicle utilization through better planning and carrier collaboration.

Improved control across the entire transport management process from quoting, to planning, execution, monitoring and settlement through higher visibility and traceability.

Apply your professional techniques from outbound shipment, ocean forwarding, and air freight shipment to your transportation processes.




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