Nov 12, 2019
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Backup and recovery the SAP HANA in-memory database application with NetBackup

The SAP HANA database is a hybrid in-memory database that combines row-based, column-based, and object-based database technology.

It is optimized to exploit the parallel processing capabilities of modern multi-core CPU architectures. With this architecture, SAP applications can benefit from current hardware technologies, helping customers to improve their operational efficiency, agility, and flexibility.


Backint is the interface through which SAP HANA can interact with certified 3rd party backup products such as NetBackup. Backup, restore, delete and inquiry operations are specified by the backint interface, which also manages parallel operations. Backint provides an easier method of protecting the data and takes away the entire administrative burden.

Backint backups create data stream pipes that get filled from SAP HANA and read from by NetBackup. SAP HANA connects to NetBackup and transparently leverages the Media and Device Management capabilities (disk, tape, deduplicating storage).

NetBackup provides extended capabilities to SAP HANA backup and recovery including encryption, creation and management of multiple backup copies, and cross site Disaster Recovery support as well as configuration flexibility to adapt to the different workloads for data and log file backup – all centrally managed in the NetBackup catalog database. With the power of SAP HANA and the protection capabilities of NetBackup, businesses can enjoy an extra element of confidence working with Big Data.

The Backint Benefit

  • The backint integration with NetBackup eliminates the risk of the database freezing due to disk full conditions by leveraging NetBackup’s media management layer to provide effectively unlimited backup storage
  • Backint passes the log backups to NetBackup, which then automatically takes care about storage management
  • NetBackup automatically organizes all background data management aspects and most importantly tracks the location of all log backups in the NetBackup Catalog.
  • SAP HANA has transparent full access to all log backups through the backint, wherever the physical storage location of the required log backups may be
  • Once configured and connected through backint NetBackup is invisible to the SAP HANA admin but provides infinite Storage to the log backup process
  • All data recovery operations are handled in the background through backint requests to NetBackup


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Veritas NetBackup SAP Agent On-Premise Server license

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