Dec 8, 2019
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SAP NetWeaver

The SAP NetWeaver technology platform facilitates the implementation, integration, and management of business processes in heterogeneous environments comprising SAP and non-SAP applications. It helps you evolve your existing infrastructure into a more cost effective platform to improve efficiency, insight, and flexibility.

We can license the functionality in SAP NetWeaver separately - including functions for composition, data management, and data information - through SAP NetWeaver packages. The package price is based on business metrics.

Licensing SAP NetWeaver for Use with SAP Business Suite

Most packages you license for SAP Business Suite include an application-specific runtime license for SAP NetWeaver. This license, called "SAP NetWeaver Foundation", entitles you to use a subset of SAP NetWeaver functionality with the licensed SAP software, as well as with your modifications to that software. To make use of the "SAP NetWeaver Foundation" license, you require the appropriate named user licenses.

Licensing SAP NetWeaver for Use with Non-SAP Software

If you would like to use SAP NetWeaver with non-SAP applications (including custom-developed and third-party software not licensed through SAP), you need the "SAP NetWeaver Foundation for Third-Party Applications" license. This covers the same functional scope as the application-specific "SAP NetWeaver Foundation" license but can be used with any non-SAP software. It also includes a license for the SAP MaxDB database.

If you use SAP NetWeaver in conjunction with "SAP NetWeaver Foundation for Third-Party Applications", you require one or two available named user licenses for development and administration purposes, specifically:

  • SAP NetWeaver Developer User
  • SAP NetWeaver Administration User




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