Nov 14, 2019
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SAP Sybase IQ Server

Accelerate analytics and BIG Data processing with this highly optimized analytics relational database management system through the native MapReduce application programming interface, Hadoop integration, and built-in text analytics.

SAP IQ 30-Day Trial Evaluation

Business Metrics

Number of cores. In core licensing, the aggregate number of cores in CPUs that are available for use by SAP Sybase ASE is used as the metric for licensing. There is no limit on the number of users, sessions, or devices that can access SAP Sybase ASE under the core licensing model.

License type and quantity of Cores of the "Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition - Advanced Security Option" must match the license type and number of Cores as for the Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition.

Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition - Multiplex Grid Option

Licensed on a per secondary node basis (n-1).  The Development & Testing License for this option, which is available on a Server basis, is available as license type "OT".

Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition - Very Large Database Option

Licensed on a Storage License basis at a per terabyte of data stored in Sybase IQ.

Sybase IQ Small Business Edition Chip Set B (Linux x86-64, Sun Solaris UltraSPARC T, Sun Solaris x64, Windows x64)

Sybase IQ Small Business Edition is priced per chip (CH) with a 1 or more chip licenses and a max of 4 cores on a server.

SAP IQ (also known as SAP Sybase IQ and Sybase IQ) is a column-based, petabyte scale, relational database software system used for business intelligence, data warehousing, and data marts. Many popular commercial and open source business intelligence and data integration tools are certified to work with SAP IQ. Moreover, now as part of SAP, SAP IQ is also integrated with SAP’s Business Intelligence portfolio of products to form an end-to-end business analytics software stack, and is an integral component of SAP's In-Memory Data Fabric Architecture and Data Management Platform.


With the advent of big data, SAP IQ has coupled with SAP HANA to deliver a distributed in-memory analytics platform. There are three main applications and use cases which try to capitalize on SAP IQ’s strengths concerning scalability and performance as an EDW and big data processor, while leveraging SAP HANA’s in-memory speed for operational reporting:

SAP IQ as a Near-line Service (NLS) to SAP HANA

This combination leverages SAP HANA’s in-memory based system by using its power around agility on current or recent data to deliver real-time analytics, and SAP IQ’s cost-effective near-line storage (NLS) for massive volumes of cooler or less-critical (such as historical) data, which is accessed via the NLS connector in SAP Business Warehouse (BW).

Older data is thus moved to SAP IQ for analysis and reporting in the SAP BW environment, while in-memory analysis is performed on “hot” critical data using SAP HANA.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform provides a transparent access to both current and historical data from SAP HANA and SAP IQ simultaneously. According to SAP, this Powerful integrated solution delivers the performance and responsiveness business users demand while keeping IT storage and maintenance costs in check, resulting in the ideal balance of performance and cost.

SAP HANA for operational reporting with SAP IQ for big data processing (NLS) 

In this scenario, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data goes into SAP HANA which acts as an operational data store for immediate analysis. Once the data is analyzed it is integrated into SAP IQ via Near-line storage mechanisms (as described above). Here SAP IQ acts as an enterprise data warehouse that receives data from a variety of traditional sources (such as OLTP Databases and files systems), and SAP HANA Operational Data Store(ODS)

SAP IQ as an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with SAP HANA as Agile Data Mart

When SAP IQ is used as an EDW, it can also be augmented with HANA’s in-memory technology. Common uses include planning and analysis reports where simultaneous OLTP processing is needed. In this case, data flows from SAP IQ to SAP HANA. SAP BusinessObjects BI can be used to achieve visibility across both platforms.

Seize opportunities and make confident decisions, even in times of risk – by leveraging big data analytics. With SAP IQ – an open, cost-effective, highly optimized analytics RDBMS – you can take advantage of built-in analytics to gain more accurate insight into business performance and market dynamics.




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