Nov 15, 2019
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SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

Drive faster, more reliable data processing – for less – with SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. Improve the availability of applications requiring extreme online transaction processing and scalability with this high-performance database platform.

Business Metrics: Number of cores or Number of servers,* plus number of concurrent sessions or users.

Minimum Networked Seat or Concurrent User License Requirement for Server License (Enterprise Edition only).  The purchase of a Server License (SR) for Adaptive Server Enterprise – Enterprise Edition for use on any machine must be accompanied by the purchase of at least twenty (20) Networked Seat (ST) or Concurrent User (CU) licenses per core/processor for each core/processor contained on the machine.

For the avoidance of doubt, the minimum Seat or Concurrent User requirement shall also apply to any additional cores/processors added to the machine in the future.


Adaptive Server includes a comprehensive audit system. The audit system consists of a system database called sybsecurity, configuration parameters for managing auditing, a system procedure, sp_audit, to set all auditing options, and a system procedure, sp_addauditrecord, to add user-defined records to the audit trail.

When you install auditing, you can specify the number of audit tables that Adaptive Server will use for the audit trail. If you use two or more tables to store the audit trail, you can set up a smoothly running audit system with no manual intervention and no loss of records.

A System Security Officer manages the audit system and is the only user who can start and stop auditing, set up auditing options, and process the audit data. As a System Security Officer, you can establish auditing for events such as:

  • Server-wide, security-relevant events
  • Creating, deleting, and modifying database objects
  • All actions by a particular user or all actions by users with a particular role active
  • Granting or revoking database access
  • Importing or exporting data
  • Logins and logouts

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Small Business Edition - License Tip

  • Limited to 2 chips (sockets) per the manufacturers' maximum configuration.
  • Limited to 256 connections.
  • No limit to the number of cores per chip. **
  • As many as 8 engines can be started even if the number of cores exceeds 8.
  • Server (SR) license includes 5 Seats.

* You will get to choose one.

** Customers may install Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Small Business Edition on a machine with greater than 8 cores as long as the machine has a maximum configuration of 2 chips (sockets).


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Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Internet Access License

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