Nov 12, 2019
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PowerBuilder Enterprise for Windows

PowerBuilder is used primarily for building business applications. PowerBuilder is used by some companies in the financial and telecoms sectors where Java and Microsoft Visual Studio are more predominate. There are a number of third-party tools that build upon and enhance the functionality of PowerBuilder, such as Appeon, Visual Expert, and Enable Multilingual.

Some PowerBuilder Tools

  • Appeon Mobile - Develop native mobile applications with PowerBuilder that runs on iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android (tablets and phones), and Windows Phone with support for the native mobile SDK.
  • Appeon for PowerBuilder - Deploys existing or new PowerBuilder projects as Web applications that runs natively on either .NET or Java servers and OS.
  • Visual Expert for PowerBuilder - Visual Expert helps in sharing the knowledge of your applications. It also automates impact analysis and checks code quality.
  • Enable Multilingual - Enable makes PowerBuilder applications multilingual quickly and easily. Using Enable, developers can only need to make a few small changes to the original PowerBuilder code to go from monolingual to multilingual.
  • ProDiff - ProDiff is designed to highlight the differences between versions of PowerBuilder development source code.
  • Visual Guard for PowerBuilder - Visual Guard is an access control and application-level permissions tool. It helps you centralize view and control of users and their rights in PowerBuilder applications
  • Customization Studio for PowerBuilder - Customization Studio allows end-users to modify the executable version of a PowerBuilder application without changing the source code.
  • Framework for PowerBuilder - A Free object oriented development framework for PowerBuilder Classic, EAServer, Web Services, Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile.
  • PB Ultimate Suite - A suite of controls, written in PowerScript, that modernizes the GUI of PowerBuilder applications; PB Ultimate Suite gives applications a contemporary look and makes them more user-friendly.


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PowerBuilder Enterprise for Windows, Standalone Seat License

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