Dec 14, 2019
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SAN Storage Special Options

A list of SAN Storage Support in different levels to give you an idea, we can get you "the" expensive SAN Storage product or solution by a flexible leasing strategy you want and then negotiate the very best offer. Not forget that big savings to be gained in operations and maintenance.

It can give a competitive edge. There are many solutions in Storage, SAN, NAS, Virtualization, and Cloud computing because companies of all sizes increasingly adopt cloud computing and virtualization technologies.

Storage Area Networks (SANs) have become one of the essential solutions. iPuzzlebiz Partner Solution Advisor Support can help to practice mock negotiations and answer SAN need questions you'll most likely be asked:

  • All the aspects of SAN Administration
  • Manage, Maintain and Develop Storage Infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot Complex San Issues
  • SAN Switch Configurations
  • Best Practices Standards for System Performance and Stability
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Provision Storage
  • Business Continuity Concepts
  • Local and Remote Replication
  • Storage Virtualization Technologies
  • Enterprise Storage Systems
  • Microcode Upgrades, San/Switch Configuration
  • Connectivity, Zoning, ISL, Windows, Solaris, Linux, UNIX
  • Mapping, Masking, Storage Configuration
  • Storage Integration in Heterogeneous Environment
  • Data Migration


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SAN Volume Controller Storage Engine License

Vendor Authorization

Startup SAN-Level 1 Tier 1 Svc SAN

Vendor Authorization

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