Mar 23, 2018
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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) integrates strategic practices for supplier qualification, negotiation, and contract management. It does this tightly and cost-effectively with other enterprise functions and their suppliers' processes through a single analytical framework and support for multi-channel supplier enablement.

Negotiation Styles at iPuzzlebiz

We negotiate for success in business with the goal of raising the awareness of organizations, companies and individuals who have the creative and talent to go beyond the ordinary and are characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement during the negotiating process.

  • Power-based bargaining "hardball"
  • Creative problem-solving "softball" on problem of mutual concern
  • Taking account of people's needs and wants
  • Approaching problems rationally by developing alternatives


Business-to-business (B2B) services adhere to a business agreement, as defined collectively by one or more service provider with all required description documents - a service contract carries predefined information for identification, ownership and description of the software service, hardware device and of its functional and non-functional features, requirements, operations and methods.

Generally it is the decision makers' judgement in assessing the probability of these, largely project related factors (eg., degree of difficulty, degree of hazard, uncertainty in estimate, competition, etc.), that dictates the final outcome environment, ie., loss, meet overheads, or profit.

Initial Consultation

To successfully develop an Agreement, we will need to have to create ratios relative to software and hardware productivity, quality, cost, documentation and/or lines of code (if custom software development is considered).

There are three main categories to define the key elements in any IT contract agreements:

  • Service

Usually defined as the manpower costs incurred by the company in the agreement.

  • Technical Data

The value assigned to the technical data being transferred.

  • Hardware

The value of all the hardware, to be included with in furtherance of the agreement.

Price Models in an IT contract are based on historical data and agreed service criteria.

We will establish the price by entering value for each custom-made metric ( feature and functional point information) into the model contract.

SAP SRM accelerates and optimizes the entire end-to-end procure-to-pay process by supporting integrated processes and enforcing contract compliance, resulting in realizable savings.

The Purchasing department is becoming an increasingly important factor in the value chain not only in corporations. In the course of digital transformation, procurement processes are increasingly automated by industry across all industries. The SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) and SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management applications are often used.

Solutions for strategic purchasing are the focus of the partnership

The expertise pf  the applications SAP SRM / SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management and SAP Ariba has been demonstrated for medium-sized companies worldwide, as well as large companies. The SAP SRM and SAP Ariba solutions are already helping companies reduce costs and speed up their processes.

Core SRM system and Mobile

The core SRM system has some capabilities that address the purchasing process, including vendor management, RFQ management and supplier compliance. The key master data functions in SRM provide ways to mobilize the information in these purchasing-related modules . However, it is important to note that regardless of what option you choose, building a mobile extension to SRM does not eliminate the need for having the core function in your on-premises SAP environment.

In short, the SAP mobility solution needs to connect to the proper master data and transaction sets. If those aren't already in place, the solution has nothing to talk to. Remember, your SAP system is still your system of record no matter how deeply you decide to enable your environment for mobile computing. It's not a substitute.

SAP mobility options

Two approaches exist for companies when it comes to options offered within the SAP ecosystem. The first is a basic workflow approach using Microsoft Duet Outlook Exchange Server if your process is strictly for approvals only. The Outlook Exchange Server can enable a simple workflow approval process based on rule sets and authorizations to make simple purchasing transactions, including those that require a digital signature.

For more complicated transactions that require actually reviewing RFQ response categories, monitoring the status of key supplier management capabilties, or delegating and assigning decision-making powers to other organization units, a better approach is a mobile approach using the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) in conjunction with Mobile BusinessObjects (MBO) for mobile business intelligence (BI).

In this second scenario, getting an accurate mobile data set before you design the application is critical to the project's success. To optimize mobile applications for SUP, information is culled from the full BI or data universes needed for the mobile app.


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