Jan 18, 2018
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SAP Customer Relationship Management

Organizations must maintain a strong customer-centric focus to protect their market share while dealing with eroding customer loyalty, unpredictable demand, complexity, costs, uncertainty and risk. Many rely on innovative customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, enabled by SAP technology, to acquire, retain and enhance value to customers. Marketing is a major module provided by SAP CRM other than Sales and Service.

The SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application provides a platform for marketing, sales, and service professionals to obtain complete customer intelligence that they can use to effectively manage customers processes.

It enables multi-channel customer interactions, including mobile (tablets and smartphones), Internet, and social media, and offers a dedicated communications infrastructure that helps to connect all users anytime, anywhere.


SAP CRM User is a Named User only authorized to Use (excluding the right to make Modifications and/or Add-ons) CRM Software licensed under the Agreement (if any, the “Licensed CRM Software”).

An SAP CRM User may extract data from any data source into any Licensed CRM Software and/or push data out of any Licensed CRM Software into any data source provided Licensee has secured an appropriate license for all such data source(s) and such Use is otherwise in accord with the terms of the Agreement.

An additional SAP Named User License will not be required solely for the one-way extraction of data into Licensed CRM Software where the data source is Software (other than Licensed CRM Software) and/or third party software licensed under the Agreement.


SAP CRM provides different capabilities using which it is possible to implement various Marketing related business process.

These marketing capabilities can be easily customized in order to match with customer specific business processes. Also similar to other CRM modules marketing capabilities can be integrated with other CRM module capabilities and external systems. 

Considering the importance of customer interaction all the SAP CRM marketing capabilities are well integrated with various kinds of, both inbound and outbound channels

SAP CRM Marketing analytics provides

  • robust set of analytic around the customer and products
  • it ranges from basic reporting to advanced analytics
  • predictive models/scores
  • optimization capabilities

Major SAP CRM Marketing capabilities

  • Segment and List Management capabilities are integrated through an easy to use graphical, interactive tool
  • With this tool SAP CRM marketing provides capabilities to import in external data like rented or purchased lists and create new customer attributes
  • Customizing settings for SAP CRM Marketing are integrated into transaction SPRO which could be accessed through the SAP GUI

Sub departments: In-memory CRM


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