Nov 15, 2019
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Database Tools - License Tips

In server plus concurrent session or user licensing, SAP requires that the computer hardware running SAP Sybase ASE be licensed (using the server metric) and also that the users directly or indirectly accessing SAP Sybase ASE be licensed (using either the concurrent session metric or user metric)

With the concurrent session metric, the aggregate number of sessions accessing SAP Sybase ASE at any one time is measured and used as the metric for licensing. With the user metric, each individual end user must be specifically identified as the sole holder of a user license to access SAP Sybase ASE.

Therefore, you must choose either the concurrent session or user metric in the server plus the concurrent session or user licensing model for a deployment of SAP Sybase ASE. However,, regardless of whether the concurrent session or user metric is chosen, there is no limit on the number of CPUs or cores running SAP Sybase ASE as long as all servers are licensed.

The package license for SAP Sybase PowerDesigner software is available in two metrics: concurrent session and user. You can choose which one to utilize.

The package license for SAP Sybase IQ Server, SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere solutions, SAP Sybase Replication Server, and SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor software varies by product. Each product is licensed using one metric only.

The SAP MaxDB database is offered as a runtime database option. It is licensed with your software licenses as a percentage uplift to the price of your software.

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