Dec 14, 2019
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Infinite Insight Modeller

SAP InfiniteInsight provides a browser-based, authenticated environment, user-friendly scheduling interface designed for business analysts, social network analysis capabilities and good visualization capabilities and graph exploration.

It integrates social attributes into predictive models, quick installation. short training and better analytics, export to MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, and PDF and classification, regression, segmentation, clustering reports.

SAP InfiniteInsight Modeler allows you to create models as varied as classification, regression, clustering, time series, association rules. Modeler predicts the possible business outcomes.

The Modeler is the main workspace/module for mining activities:Classification, Regression, Segmentation and Clustering. It generates statistical models, and represents them using indicators and chart types.

Component model

  • SAP InfiniteInsight Desktop
    - Includes Moderler (+ SAP Predictive Analysis and Lumira)
  • SAP InfiniteInsight Engine (3-tier server architecture, inc. java web-client)
    - Includes: Explorer, Modeler, Scorer and Factory

SAP InfiniteInsight (formerly KXEN Modeler) automates most of the predictive analytics effort so that users can gain unprecedented customer insight and make forward looking decisions with ease.

Licensing -
Smaller departments would likely consider the desktop "thick-client" workstation Modeller installations, whereas larger enterprises would implement the full "suite" of client-server components:

Departmental - Predictive Standalone, Per named user

Dektop versions of both SAP InfiniteInsight Modeler + SAP Predictive Analysis

Enterprise, Per named user

The entire SAP InfiniteInsight suite + SAP Predictive Analysis
+ PAL if HANA server


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InfiniteInsight Modeler User License

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