Mar 30, 2020
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Analytics : BusinessObjects : BO BI Suite : Crystal Reports engine

SAP Crystal Reports® engine

SAP® Crystal Reports® engine lets you create powerful, richly formatted, dynamic reports from virtually any data source, delivered in dozens of formats, in up to 24 languages.

SAP Crystal Reports® engine advanced features allows you to present your data in easy to understand and visually appealing ways

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  • User license
  • Concurrent session licenses

You can apply conditional formatting then move on to working with parameter fields and report alerts. You can create multiple sections, sub reports and advanced charting, along with cross-tabs, formulas and SQL commands and apply the the data map tool to distribute your reports.


  • Quickly create highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports
  • Connect to data sources across your organization – directly or through a common semantic layer
  • Deliver operational reporting that can help you make day-to-day business decisions
  • Give personalized reports to users in their preferred language, format, and delivery method

BusinessObjects BI components -

SAP BOBI Packaged Tools


  • CMC - Administrative
  • CCM - Server Management
  • BI Launch Pad
  • Development (Reporting)

Client : Webi Rich Client - BI, UDT - Modeling, IDT - Modeling, QaaWS and Widgets

SAP BOBI Unpackaged Tools

  • Crystal Report
  • Crystal Dashboard Designer

Crystal Server - BI Essential for Small Business

With robust data exploration, reporting, and dashboard management functionality, SAP Crystal Server helps business users at all levels make more informed decisions.

SAP Crystal Server combines the flexibility of SAP Crystal Reports software, the richness of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software, and the power of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software - giving you flexible and intuitive access to business data, all in one entry-level BI solution.

SAP Core BI software for Small Business
  • Access reports, dashboards, and explore corporate data to get the critical information you need, all from a single solution Guided data exploration
  • Find critical information across all your applications and data sources with simple keyword searches and intuitive exploration capabilities Common semantic layer
  • Make your corporate data easier for business users to access.

SAP Crystal Reports software for enterprise
  • Create presentation-quality reports quickly with a new version of SAP Crystal Reports, optimized for accessing data through Universes Data-driven publishing
  • Deliver personalized reports to a dynamic list of recipients Integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Provide users with information inside the applications they work with the most Security and integration
  • Integrate reports and dashboards into an existing security infrastructure Administration
  • Support life-cycle management, auditing, and monitoring to minimize ongoing cost of ownership

SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software must be purchased separately. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design viewing and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer are available with NUL licenses only. Data driven publishing functionality is available with concurrent access licenses (CAL) only. Maintenance, including technical support, is available for purchase separately.

Service Levels and Technical Support

The Enterprise Technical Support (ES) and Service Session (SS) First Year Maintenance (FYM) Licenses are also sold at iPuzzlebiz. Please contact us for more information. Please contact us for more information!

The SAP service-level agreement (SLA) covers the entire solution stack: infrastructure, OS, SAP HANA database, and application layers. Benefit from 99.5% guaranteed availability, 24/7 global support, activity reports, and much more.

Download - Comparison of Features by Version For SAP® Crystal Reports® and SAP Crystal Server Software

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