Dec 14, 2019
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SAP HANA Edge edition  - Sold in blocks of 32 Gigabytes

Recent achievements in hardware and software development, such as multi-core CPUs and DRAM capacities of multiple terabytes per server, enabled the introduction of a revolutionary technology: in-memory data management.

Small businesses (and VARs) have the opportunity "to bring together structured and unstructured data analysis from any source, as well as transactional applications and analytics, in a single highly scalable, elastic infrastructure for true real-time computing.

HANA Edge edition is a real-time in-memory analytics platform that provides you with instant answers to your critical business questions – for faster, more informed decision making across your enterprise. This technology supports the flexible and extremely fast analysis of massive amounts of enterprise data.

SAP HANA, Edge edition, is an on-premise, real-time, in-memory analytics platform

It is appropriate for SMEs that wish to accelerate access to the wealth of insight that lies in their operational and strategic information. With a simplified IT landscape for fast time to value,  the platform offers the powerful benefits of  in-memory processing, such as greatly increased processing speed, improved text and data mining, and flexible modeling functions.

Simplify your IT landscape and leverage unrivalled processing speed, text and data mining, and modeling tools.

  • Access real-time operational and strategic insights with near-zero latency
  • Easily run self-service analyses of trusted data – at any level of granularity
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your prospects, customers, and products
  • Extend data exploration and visualization tools to all business users
  • Simplify the analytic landscape with fewer layers – for faster time to value
  • Start with operational insight today, and expand as your analytic needs grow

SAP HANA, Edge edition, provides instant insight into your operations by supporting rapid creation of ad hoc views across the business. You can  analyze all available data regardless of source and respond nimbly to changing business conditions, no matter how sudden.


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