Nov 14, 2019
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SAP HANA Real Time Replication License

Replication is one of the method to ensure Business Continuity by creating an exact replica of data in a separate local or remote storage array. These replica copies are different from data backup as these are ready to use in case of any disaster or data loss.

The SAP HANA system contains the SAP HANA database. It is used to store the replicated data. The SAP LT Replication Server system and the SAP HANA system communicate by means of a database connection.

For enterprise-wide data replication that works, SAP HANA Real Time Replication has the right tools for the right job. SAP HANA Real Time Replication includes tools for replication, managing distributed information, replicated data implementation, and alternative design strategies.

  • SAP HANA Remote Data Sync
  • SAP HANA Trigger-Based Data Replication by LT Replication Server

SAP HANA Remote Data Sync: SAP HANA remote data sync provides always-available data at remote locations by using two-way, session-based, configurable data replication between a HANA database and many separately-licensed remote SQL Anywhere databases. It allows you to acquire data for analysis in HANA over intermittent and slow networks. It also provides transaction availability for remote sites, and makes enterprise data available offline in remote, high latency, and disconnected scenarios.

Technical system landscapes for SAP LT Replication Server
  • ABAP Source System with Separate SAP LT Replication Server System
  • SAP LT Replication Server Installed on ABAP Source System
  • Non-ABAP Source System with Separate SAP LT Replication Server System
SAP HANA Trigger-Based Data Replication by LT Replication Server - Generic Parallel Replication

Parallel replication of tables with very high change rates using multiple data transfer processes can be used with the following replication scenarios:
  • Replication via ODP Framework (SAP BW and SAP DS)
  • Replication into PSA storage (SAP BW)
  • Replication into a SAP HANA DB schema
  • Replication into a SAP ABAP-based system (table based)
  • Replication into a SAP ABAP-based system into the Application layer is technically possible, but may be limited by application logic (sequencing issue)

This feature is available for SAP ABAP-based source systems on the following database platforms:
  • ORACLE 11.2 64-Bit
  • DB6 (DB/2 10.1 LUW 64-Bit)
  • DB4 (DB2/400 V7R1)
  • MS/SQL (MS SQL Server 2008/X86_64 & 2012/X86_64)
  • SAP HANA 1.00

The SAP LT Replication Server is a replication technology to provide data from ABAP systems in a SAP HANA environment. It acts as a key enabler for SAP HANA customers to supply their HANA environment with relevant data.

SAP HANA LT Replication on-premise

SAP Landscape Transformation (LT) Replication Server is the ideal solution for all HANA customers who need real-time or scheduled data replication sourcing from SAP and NON-SAP sources.

The replicated data is stored in the SAP HANA system and the authorization concept of the SAP HANA database is used for security


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Hana Platform Edition, Real Time Replication option 1 to 10 Units License

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