Dec 8, 2019
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SAP HANA Base edition Option License - Enterprise and Standard Support

Get the consistent and seamless support you need for all your SAP HANA Base edition. The SAP HANA base edition as part of the SAP HANA platform is needed for all SAP HANA deployments.

Main Features

  • Technical support
  • phone consulting
  • 1 year
  • 24x7
  • Licenses by Vendor Authorization
  • First Year Maintenance Support

The SAP HANA base edition comprises among others:

  • SAP HANA Database
  • SAP HANA Client
  • SAP HANA Studio
  • SAP HANA XS Engine

SAP HANA options provide additional features to the base edition of the SAP HANA platform. To use the SAP HANA options in a production system, you must purchase the appropriate software license from SAP. The SAP HANA options listed below are available in connection with the base edition of the SAP HANA platform. To use the SAP HANA options you need a dedicated license for the options you want to use.

SAP HANA Options
  • SAP HANA Accelerator for SAP ASE
  • SAP HANA Advanced Data Processing
  • SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation
  • SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Information Management
  • SAP HANA Predictive
  • SAP HANA Real-Time Replication
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming
  • SAP HANA Spatial

SAP HANA server software and tools can be used for several SAP HANA platform and options scenarios, based on the available SAP HANA licenses and the SAP HANA landscape. Which features and tools are available depends on the type and version of the backend systems the SAP HANA administration and development tools are connected to.

Service Levels and Technical Support

The Enterprise Technical Support (ES) and Service Session (SS) First Year Maintenance (FYM) Licenses are also sold at iPuzzlebiz. Please contact us for more information. Please contact us for more information!

The SAP service-level agreement (SLA) covers the entire solution stack: infrastructure, OS, SAP HANA database, and application layers. Benefit from 99.5% guaranteed availability, 24/7 global support, activity reports, and much more.


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Hana Platform Base Edition 1 - 10 Units License, 1st Year Maintenance - Enterprise Support

Vendor Authorization

Speak with the principal at iPuzzlebiz. Call (416) 648-7060 office hours - Eastern standard time, Toronto

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