Dec 14, 2019
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Spatial Processing with SAP HANA - Licenses

Geospatial analysis is used in almost every field you can think of from medicine, to defense, to farming. etc.

It is an approach to use statistical analysis and other informational engineering to data which has a geographical or geospatial aspect. And this typically involves applications capable of geospatial display and processing to get a compiled and useful data.

SAP HANA Spatial comprises types, methods, and constructors you can use to access, manipulate, and analyze spatial data. You can apply the full spectrum of analytical and visualization techniques that are available within today’s geospatial software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

By combining the Spatial engine with other HANA engines like Predictive, Planning, and Text Search etc. customers can apply complex algorithms to the combined data set and derive deep insights.

SAP HANA also delivers Nokia mapping services as part of the HANA Spatial features and this can be used to create apps using HANA XS engine through which Nokia mapping services can be called using the Nokia API.

Once Spatial data is loaded into HANA you can create or extend HANA models (Analytic, Calc Views) using HANA Studio and make these models available for analysis and visualization thru SAP Lumira or custom HTML5 applications. SAP HANA SQL script has been extended to support the Spatial SQL MM Standards for storing and accessing Geo-spatial data.

Geo-Technologies and the Environment

Geospatial Technologies such as Spatial Processing with SAP HANA and Climate Change describes various approaches from different countries on how to use geospatial technologies to help solving climate change issues.

It also details how different geospatial technologies (remote sensing, Geographical Information System…) can be used to help with climate monitoring and modeling, how to work with them and what to be careful about.

- Real-Time Situational Awareness, Powered by SAP HANA - Solution Brief


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