Nov 14, 2019
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Planning Framework on SAP HANA Licenses

A planning framework on HANA is being introduced that will allow delivery of all planning capabilities on HANA. 

The planning framework will be the foundation to build Planning applications by Line of Business (LoB) or Industry to achieve Integrated Business Planning (strategic, financial, sales & operations, operations) and Enterprise Business Planning (IBP + Execution systems, I.e. ERP, CRM, SCM). 

The planning framework on HANA will initially consist of BPC 10 NW and the Planning Applications Kit (PAK), which are both optimized for HANA and based on BW 7.3.  PAK was delivered with BW 7.3 SP5 in Q4/2011 and is now in Ramp-Up.

Planning Applications Kit (In-memory planning in BW on HANA)

Planning Applications Kit is based on components of BW-IP plus new functionality and technology, and is optimized for in-memory planning with HANA as the database.  Customers can very easily migrate their existing BW-IP configuration to PAK.  PAK provides the ability to build IT owned and maintained, centralized planning applications.

BPC 10 NW provides the ability to build flexible, end-user maintained planning applications.  Use cases that utilize both BPC NW and PAK are also possible and some are currently being evaluated. 

Deployment options for planning with SAP BW on HANA

Option A – The traditional planning approach with classical database, SAP BW with integrated planning and user interfaces or Business Objects Analysis for Office as an alternative excel front end.

Option B – To replace the classical database with the HANA database.

It starts with your SAP HANA database installation and then database migration is required. BW-IP and front end just stays exactly the same. It is somewhat a classical approach where all the planning calculations are still done in the ABAP Layer.

Option C – Deep in-memory integration is used for planning to make all the performance intensive parts will be moved down to the HANA, the planning engine, calculation engine, the delta buffer and so on.

If you already have an existing classical BW-IP implementation, only database migration is required if you want to move from classical BW-IP to classical BW-IP on HANA database (option A to B). But if you want to move from classical BW-IP on HANA database to Planning Application Kit (option B to C), it is fairly simple. You don’t have to re-model or re-do your system, all you have to do is set some switches or toggle switch the system.

Going forward, SAP recommends that customers and partners who have SAP HANA use BPC 10 NW and/or PAK for planning applications.


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