Dec 8, 2019
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SAP Product List : Licensing : Technology : HANA : Platform : Smart Data Streaming

SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming License (HANA native Big Data)

Smart data streaming extends the capabilities of the SAP HANA Platform. SAP HANA smart data streaming is based on the same technology as SAP Event Stream Processor.

Event stream processing uses continuous queries. It waits for data to arrive. As it arrives, it flows through the continuous queries to produce immediate results.

Immediate Responses with SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming - Monitor incoming event streams: Watch for trends or patterns. Monitor correlations. Detect missing events.Continuously update and monitor aggregate statistics. Generate alerts, notifications and initiate immediate response

Active equipment monitoring (Vehicles, Transmission Towers, Industrial Machinery, Pipelines, Vending Machines, Heavy Equipment and Smart Devices)
  • Collect streaming messages from sensors on smart devices
  • Actively monitor: generate real-time notifications
  • Continuous access to current status information

SAP HANA Data Center Intelligence - Real Time: SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming let you connects all event sources of the data center and stream events in real time to SAP HANA for further analysis. You can send alerts on defined error conditions. Correlates events from different sources within a given time window, generates actions (such as notifications and alerts), and triggers processes.

Real-time click stream analysis - 
Monitor user behavior in aggregate
  • Respond to trends in real-time
  • Jump on surges before they subside
  • Give more prominence to topics attracting viewers now
  • Customize offers based on individual patterns of behavior
  • Prevent fraud - Watch for patterns that indicate likelihood of fraud; act before the fraud takes place

Capital Markets: Real-Time Risk Consolidation and Monitoring
Monitor and Analyze live data across multiple dimensions; alerts at any level

  • Real-time consolidation across multiple trading platforms, multiple asset classes
  • Real-time valuation using live market prices
  • Custom pricing algorithms for non-liquid securities
  • Incoming trades immediately update all sensitivity calculations
  • Real-time P&L calculations
  • Continuous limit monitoring and alerting; set limits at any aggregation levels

Streaming Scalability

SAP HANA smart data streaming provides extreme scalability

  • Streaming projects are multi-threaded and will scale across all available cores
  • Streaming hardware scales independently of HANA core; can run one or more streaming nodes in a single HANA system
  • Large projects can be broken into smaller inter-connected projects running on different nodes
  • Partitioning feature eliminates bottlenecks within a project by providing multiple parallel processing paths

SAP HANA smart data streaming provides a range of connectivity options - included: Message bus: JMS, IBM MQ, TIBCO. Web Service SOAP, REST. http post. Websockets. Databases. Files. TCP Sockets. SAP RFC. SAP Replication Server (in). Logfile (in). Microsoft Excel (out). Email (out). HTTP snapshot query (out). Parsing/Formatting: JSON, XML events, XML docs, CSV, FIX, JMS Object Arrays. Extensible: Adapter Toolkit supports pluggable transport/parse/format modules written in Java. API’s for C/C++, Java, .NET

Life Cycle Management for Streaming Projects

  • Streaming content (project definitions) are stored in the HANA Deployment Infrastructure (alias HANA Repository)
  • Can be included in HANA Delivery Units
  • Deployment of DU’s that contain streaming projects will deploy and activate the streaming projects


Smart data streaming is an optional HANA component: requires an additional license

  • Licensed per core for all available cores across any/all production nodes running in the smart data streaming cluster
  • Customer deployments range from 4 to 200 cores
  • 8-32 cores will be typical for a single implementation
  • Separate license key is required
  • License keys are obtained/installed in the same way as for SAP HANA core

Installation of smart data steaming

  • Download from Service Marketplace
    –   Separate download from SAP HANA core (since it’s optional)
  • Install via SAP HANA installer
    –   Add to an existing SAP HANA system 
    –   Install as part of a new SAP HANA system install
  • Additional download packages
    –   SAP HANA Studio
    –   streaming plugin
    –   Smart data streaming client package
    –   adapters, ODBC driver, SDK’s

Although streaming does not require HANA-certified configuration, hardware should be from an SAP hardware partner. System configuration must consider network bandwidth and HANA DB workload for stream capture


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Hana Platform Edition, Smart Data Streaming option up to 10 Units License

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