Dec 14, 2019
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SAP HANA, Database Edition for SAP BW License

SAP Business Information Warehouse on the SAP HANA in-memory database, or SAP BW on HANA for short, is a particular version of SAP's BW software that uses HANA as its primary database and is specially optimized for the HANA platform. One of the reasons why SAP BW is such a popular component is that it represents a first step for many companies, into implementing the HANA platform.

  • SAP HANA, Database edition for SAP BW licensing range begins from up to 10 to above 1500 units

Running BW on SAP HANA provides benefits for response times, especially for complex scenarios with a lot of calculations.

An exclusive feature of BW on HANA is the Open ODS View concept. It is a way to overlay such BW semantics as security and the BW analytic engine on data that is stored in tables outside of the BW system. Open ODS Views will be enabled in BW when it is running on top of the HANA platform, and is not available on other database platforms.

Database Solutions

These solutions can help you manage critical data with scalability and unmatched performance. The functionality of these database solutions is licensed through packages based on business metrics.

To access the relevant functionality, you generally need named user licenses. The named user licenses required depend on how you deploy the database solution. If you use the database solution in conjunction with SAP Business Suite and SAP Net Weaver, the named user licenses are the same as for SAP Business Suite (for example, "SAP Professional" and "SAP LIMITED Professional" named users)

Package Licenses available for Database solutions

  • SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
  • SAP Sybase IQ server
  • SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere solutions
  • SAP Sybase Replication Server
  • SAP Sybase PowerDesigner software
  • SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor software

SAP provides a roadmap for all SAP BW customers to move their BW assets from a traditional relational database (RDBMS) to the SAP In-Memory HANA platform. BW supports many databases, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 and now HANA. Using BW on HANA means that no other database is required


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Hana Database Edition for NetWeaver BW Up to 10 Units License

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