Nov 14, 2019
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BusinessObjects BI, Edge edition - Standard package

SAP Businessobjects edge BI, standard package, offers midsize companies an extensive BI solution that helps them transform the way they use information to drive their business. the software helps provide an intuitive BI experience wherever and however you work – from mobile devices and dashboards to integration within Microsoft office.

FREE BusinessObjects Edge 4.1 Trial

It offers many features, including:

  • Flexible Bi functions that you can configure to your business
  • Secure, clear, and understandable data
  • Adaptable deployment options for faster time to value

With SAP Businessobjects edge BI, standard package, your decision makers can benefit from flexible  ad hoc reporting, query, and analysis via the web or offline – without relying on it.

Business Challenges

  • Improve business processes for better decision making and ability to compete
  • Meet BI requirements for planning, budgeting, reporting, and dashboards
  • Integrate BI with the applications and data your company already uses
  • Give users secure access to BI whenever and wherever they need it

Key Features: Choice of solutions – Select from three packages to meet the requirements of your  company, and then upgrade smoothly as your needs change. Ad hoc query, reporting, and analysis – Help business users make fast, data-driven  decisions through self-service, without relying on IT staff. Familiar applications and platforms – Use data within Microsoft Office applications as well as SAP or Oracle software environments. Wireless delivery – Interact with and share reports over mobile devices. Advanced report publishing – Publish personalized reports to thousands of recipients in a single session. Tailored implementation – Use quick-start packs to help customize the software to your specific customer requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Improved business agility and competitive advantage with a BI solution that supports  fast, sound decisions based on up-to-date, trustworthy data
  • Cost savings achieved through integration of BI data with your current applications and software environment
  • Greater flexibility by having BI available for use when, where, and how your business  users need it
  • Faster ROI through quick implementation and tailoring of software to your requirements

BI standard package licensing

  • User license 
  • Concurrent session license 
  • Named user license add-on

SAP BusinessObjects BI software, Edge analytics edition 

Tap into big data – with SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge analytics edition for medium-size business

  • Analyze massive volumes of data with superior performance and scalability
  • Deploy analytics tailored to your industry and/or line of business needs
  • Proactively seize new business opportunities and respond to potential threats
  • Maximize business value with a single, easy-to-install software package

Data is changing the nature of competition. Making sense of it is tough. Taking advantage of it is tougher. There is a business opportunity for organizations to use data and analytics to transform business performance. Organizations are by their nature complex. They are a constantly evolving system made up of objectives, processes designed to meet those objectives, people with skills and behaviors to do the work required, and all of this organized in a governance structure. It is dynamic, fluid and constantly moving over time.

Using data and analytics you can connect all the elements of the system to design an environment for people to perform; an organization which has the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time. Only when everyone performs to their potential, do organizations have a hope of getting and sustaining a competitive edge.

  • Leverage analytics tailored to your industry and/or line of business need
  • Take business intelligence to the next level with Data Integration
  • Ensure data quality with Data Management


  • User license
  • Concurrent session license

Service Levels and Technical Support

The Enterprise Technical Support (ES) and Service Session (SS) First Year Maintenance (FYM) Licenses are also sold at iPuzzlebiz. Please contact us for more information. Please contact us for more information!

The SAP service-level agreement (SLA) covers the entire solution stack: infrastructure, OS, SAP HANA database, and application layers. Benefit from 99.5% guaranteed availability, 24/7 global support, activity reports, and much more.

Download - SAP® BusinessObjects™ Edge BI, Standard Package Preferred Business Intelligence choice for growing companies


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