Dec 14, 2019
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SAP Product List : Licensing : Data Management : Replication Server : Advanced / Data Assurance

SAP Replication Server Advanced and Data Assurance Options

SAP Replication Server, Change Data Capture Edition is designed to continuously load any changed data to SAP Data Services to perform the ETL required for real time business intelligence solutions.

The changed data source can be from transactional business applications or data warehouses (running on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or SAP ASE databases).

  • Real time change data capture is achieved without degrading the performance of the primary sour application with a high-speed transaction log replication method
  • Data integrity maintained at the transaction level hence supporting industry regulations requiring strict transaction tracking
  • Because of the way Replication Server works - it eliminates any additional data governance risks by ensuring that data is applied exactly as it was captured on the primary side
  • Real-time replication ensures that the analyzes and reports you get from your business intelligence systems provide a holistic, up-to-the-minute view of your business
  • Achieve high level of decision-making support by supplying analytics and business intelligence systems with a continuous stream of integrated data from multiple data sources across the organization
  • Provides reliable data delivery from data sources to SAP Data Services

Replication Server - Advanced Services Option

  • Replication Server  - Advanced Services Option - CPU License 
  • Replication Server  - Advanced Services Option - CPU Development & Test  

Replication Server - Data Assurance Option

  • Replication Server  - Data Assurance Option - CPU License 
  • Replication Server  - Data Assurance Option - CPU Development & Test




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