Nov 14, 2019
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SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator (KA)

The SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator software is a customizable, web-based learning and support product you can deploy to the desktop via your intranet, server, or cd.

It gives you complete training and performance support on a variety of SAP products – training you can readily tailor to your company and its needs.

The learning environment in SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is divided into different modules and includes quick-reference material based on different learning objectives, business processes, and tasks. This allows users to focus only on the functions and concepts they need to know.

They can choose what and when they want to learn, at a pace that best matches their needs. and because SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is available 24x7, learners can refer back to the tutorials or performance-support documents whenever they have questions or need more information on a particular topic.

SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator trains users via job-specific skill development scenarios based on sample company data. each module provides interactive learning for concepts, practice exercises, and skill tests. In addition, it’s customizable, so it meets the requirements and relevancy of each user group, including varied training needs and tasks to be performed. SAP can customize SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator, or we can train your team to customize it.


SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator software is available for the following: 

  • Business Intelligence Bundle Suite
  • SAP Crystal Reports® software
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Builder software
  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions
  • SAP BusinessObjects Live Office software
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence® Explorer software

SAP Knowledge Acceleration Software for SAP BusinessObjects

Unleash the full power of business intelligence with knowledge acceleration software tailor-built for SAP BusinessObjects solutions

  • Rely on training that is directly mapped to the software design
  • Take advantage of simple and straightforward customization options
  • Provide an ongoing support tool with content that refreshes on demand


Rapid deployment of training

  • Out-of-the-box deployment provides just in time training
  • Can be used to quickly train early adoptors, QA testing teams, and any end-user groups who need early training.
  • As a cornerstone of end-user adoption, KA is comprehensive enough to train all end-users within a organization

Knowledge support

  • Individual topics are easily located for fast knowledge refresh
  • Deployed onsite, KA provides anytime, anywhere learning
  • With KA maintenance,  upgrades to new KA versions of the latest platform releases are simple and easy

Flexibility and agility through customization

  • Customer based examples can enhance out-of-box content
  • Reference documents and other supporitng material will drive excellence with internal best practices
  • Customization not requried, so customer can control development costs

Operational cost savings

  • Reduced travel expenses
  • Less/no travel time
  • Low per user cost


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