Nov 21, 2019
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SAP HANA Platform Licenses

In  addition to existing SAP® solutions, the SAP HANA® platform powers a new class of real-time analytics and applications. The SAP HANA base edition as part of the SAP HANA platform is needed for all SAP HANA deployments.

  • Analyze business thoroughly, in real time 
  • Deploy business applications without traditional data limits and complexity 
  • Deliver more functionality in mobile apps 
  • Simplify IT landscapes

Its unique in-memory database instantly analyzes huge volumes of data as it’s created, without complex layers of data management and storage. You get answers to questions you could never ask – or think to ask – before.  It’s no wonder that more than 100,000 SMEs around the world have turned to SAP to help them become best-run businesses.

  • Real-time analytics for uncovering new  business knowledge, strategies, and opportunities
  • High-performance applications for faster,  leaner business processes 
  • Fast implementation to help SMEs get started quickly
  • On-the-go analysis with mobile apps
  • Robust data exploration combining online  analytical processing and predictive and text data analysis

  • Make immediate business changes based on sales performance – no more hunting for data
  • Scale to customer needs and market changes with unprecedented flexibility
  • Invest in a “future-proof” platform that will  grow along with your business
  • Free up your IT department’s resources to  deliver on strategic initiative


  • SAP HANA, Platform Edition, up to 10 units, 11-20 units, 21-50 units, 51-100 units
  • SAP HANA, Platform Edition, 101-150 units, 151-200 units, 201-250 units, 251-300 units
  • SAP HANA, Platform Edition, 301-500 units, 501-750 units, 751-1000 units, 1001-1500 units
  • SAP HANA, Platform Edition, above 1500 units


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Hana Platform Edition, up to 10 Units License

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