Nov 14, 2019
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SAP Product List : Licensing : Data Management : Replication Server : SAP on Oracle

Replication Server - Option for Oracle

  • Replication Server Option for Oracle - CPU License 
  • Replication Server Option for Oracle - CPU Development & Test 
  • Replication Server Option for Oracle - Server 
  • Replication Server Option for Oracle - Networked Seat 

Oracle Licensing Alternatives and Investment Strategy

In time, Oracle licensing, the cost of managing a complex, disparate environment (DBA time, Contract negotiations, License Administration time etc) far outweighs the effort to plan and structure your environment effectively as a first principal.

You may choose your preferred Oracle key service offerings "Lifetime Support Policy", such as Premier Support, Advanced Customer Services, Incident Server Support Packages, JDeveloper Support, Oracle Lite Support, Extended Support, Sustaining Support, Incident support packages (web-based) and Unbreakable Linux.

Oracle Service Model also includes Subscription Service Model, Managed Applications Service Model, Subscription and Managed Applications Service Model.

Oracle technology product categories are preferred metric (Named User Plus, Processor), Database products, Enterprise Managers products, Application and System Management products, Application Server products, Business Intelligence products, Identity Management products, Tools, Enterprise 2.0 products, Collaboration products, Data Warehousing products and Integration products.

Database Strategy and High Availability

- Oracle has created an Oracle Clusterware tool, SAP Control (SAPCTL), to enable customers to easily manage SAP high availability resources. In addition to the critical SAP high availability components, namely the SAP Enqueue and SAP Replication Service, SAPCTL provides an interface for the protection of arbitrary number of SAP application instances.

- If you look at SAP's database strategy you will see that SAP is going towards the Real Time Data Platform (RTDP) and SAP Sybase ASE is the engine of this platform that is designed to run transactional workloads at high performance and low TCO.

Oracle Linux for SAP - Supported Oracle Linux distributions:

  • Oracle Linux 5 (as of Update 5)
  • Oracle Linux 6 (as of Update 1) - The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) and the Red Hat-compatible kernel are supported.

Oracle Linux can be used as an operating system platform for database server as well as for SAP Application Server installations. 

SAP software supported for Oracle Linux 5 and 6:

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0x and higher and SAP products that are integrated into it
  • Only the Unicode version of SAP software is supported.

For more information, see SAP Notes 1565179, 1567511, and 1635808. For a list of supported applications see SAP Note 1398634.

Oracle Real Application Cluster

You can use the Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) option with your Oracle database to improve the availability of your SAP system. The RAC configuration replicates the database server. If one of the RAC instances fails, a surviving instance performs the recovery for the failed instance.

Transactions open at the time of the instance failure are rolled back and committed transactions are applied. The surviving database instance continues to provide the database service. Application servers connected to the failed database instance can reconnect to a surviving database instance and continue.

Why to i
mplement and manage highly available Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases

  •  Application performance requirements not being met by current storage infrastructure
  •  Experimenting with SSD/flash and looking at adopting them for mission-critical workloads
  •  Experimenting with direct attached storage (DAS) for flexibility, performance, and cost savings
  •  Adopting multi-hypervisor environments
  •  Maintain strict availability SLAs across physical and virtual environments
  •  Protect a number of business-critical applications and multi-tier services

Organizations want to make their data center agile and efficient. They want increased efficiency, performance, and flexibility of their data centers while reducing costs. Typically, organizations connect storage to servers with storage area networks (SANs) that are expensive. They can lower costs by adopting solid state drives (SSDs) and flash and by combining shared and direct attached storage (DAS). However, historically SANs are resilient, and DAS is not unless Storage Foundation 6.2 is used to improve high availability and resiliency for local storage.

Cluster File System with Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) can simplify SSD/flash adoption and realize the performance benefits without compromising on high availability and flexibility.

Customer Use cases

Increase agility and eliminate SANs by using internal solid state devices (SSDs) to improve performance and reduce costs. Storage Foundation CFS enables the efficient use of SSDs without impacting high availability and increasing agility.

Manage hybrid environments with common tools. Most organizations do not want a separate set of tools for physical and virtual environments. SFHA and Cluster Server work across all major storage vendors and across all major operating systems both on virtual and physical platforms.

Improve application performance—Current storage infrastructures are not meeting performance requirements. Organizations want higher performance and availability for mission-critical applications. Storage Foundation with SmartIO and FSS features can help organizations eliminate the bottleneck with traditional storage while ensuring redundancy and flexibility.

Experimenting with direct attached storage (DAS)—Storage attached networks (SAN) are predominant but are a cost driver. If organizations can reduce or eliminate SANs, it improves their performance and reduces costs. CFS with Flexible Shared Storage (FSS) can simplify solid state drive (SSD) and flash adoption and realize the performance benefits without compromising on high availability and flexibility.

Campus clustering for organizations that want to split data centers and use very high speed links to make them perform as if they were side-by-side.


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Replication Server Option for Oracle Core License

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