Nov 18, 2018
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Licensing Mobile Solutions

SAP offers you various functionality through a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure ("mobile platform") that integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems for secure access to business processes - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The "SAP Mobile Platform" package allows you to build and deploy mobile apps with an infrastructure that lets you centrally manage and secure mobile devices, apps, and data.

Benefits of SAP Mobility

  • Ease of configuration with group policy approach as well as self-services portal for users
  • Simplified device management through remote setup and decommissioning
  • High scalability to meet the demands of the world's largest enterprises
  • Support for end-to-end security using for secure access to back-end data and data encryption
  • Advanced activity reports with drill-down options to create highly visual analytics

We license this package for individual mobile apps as a run-time option or for "full use" to run mobile apps from SAP, create an unlimited number of your own apps, or run an unlimited number of third party apps. The full-used license is based on number of mobile users, while the run-time license is based on number of users per app. These "SAP Mobile Platform" licenses are a prerequisite when licensing a mobile app.

Mobile apps from SAP allow you to extend your business processes to any of your employee's mobile devices. SAP mobile apps are licensed by number of individuals using a particular mobile app. The underlying "SAP Application" package licenses and related named user licenses also apply.

Mobile infrastructure

  • SAP Afaria® mobile device management  (Device) 
  • SAP Mobile Platform Developer  (User) 
  • SAP Mobile Platform (User) 
  • SAP Mobile Platform, single app option (Application user) 
  • SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana sin (Devices)

Download - Ten Reasons to Choose SAP for Enterprise Mobility

Download - SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI Landscape

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