Primary Benefits

Ask us about the primary benefits of Cell-to-dashboard Technology and Shopper Analytics and how it enhances the functionality and ROI of your business during the live demo! After the live demo, FS support will either send you a quote based on the information you have provided, or our partner solution advisor support will contact you to obtain additional information.


Seamless Integration

- No opt-in required
- Works on AC or Battery
- IT integration not needed
- Data goes from customers straight to your dashboard
- For multiple stores, data is collected from each location
- Data is collected 24/7/365
- No Wifi? No problem!
Customer Experience

- Get more data and insight on the effectiveness of your loyalty programs
- Track repeat customers and their behavior
- Monitor wait times on checkout and CS desks
- Track interactions with sales associates
ROI-Boosting Insights

- Know how many shoppers pass by and come inside
- Learn the path shoppers take and what displays don’t catch their eye - Know how many shoppers speak with sales associates
- Discover wait times for puchases, and if they leave before paying
Fully Optimized Stores

- Optimize in-store product placement and displays Gain insight on ideal store layouts and designs
- Learn valuable data on A/B testing product placement, displays, store flow
- Get insight on shoppers that pause to look at your window display


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Acronis Cyber Protect

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