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Hello World - This is a message about FS (FastSensor) social distance management solution alert and monitoring sensors developed for all business environments and customer-facing industries in stock and available. Be up and running quickly with our portable, plug & play system. Get your organization up to speed with our self-training, Artificial Intelligence algorithms. By using a radio frequency dissipation gradient, our sensors can determine the number and relative location of personal cell phone devices in any given area.
Highlights - No Wifi, No Problem!

  • Measure and monitor physical distance
  • Identify and highlight areas with a higher concentration of people
  • Major headache avoided in not using Wifi
  • The seamless cell transmission matters for speed and efficiency
  • System is self contained. It does not touch existing IT
  • Get real-time alerts via SMS, email, webhooks and more
  • Records duration of stay down to as small an area as a checkout counter

and more ...
Ask us about other intangible benefits such as shoppers analytics or analysis and prediction of museum visitors' behavioral patterns.

If you’re looking for a safe and quick path to opening your doors, you have a lot of new challenges to consider. How will you keep your employees and visitors safe? Do you have the tools you need to mitigate risk and protect your business space from Covid-19 liability? Managing physical distance in your location is a major key to meeting these challenges head on. How? With Active Distance Alert and Monitoring System * (ADAM)
ADAM provides real-time social distancing insight. With this information, you can: Measure and monitor physical distance. Identify and highlight areas with a higher concentration of people and get real-time alerts via SMS, email, webhooks and more
Our #1 goal is to help you open your doors and keep them open safely! We can also talk about other intangible benefits such as help with customer flow, product placement and employee utilization that comes with using FS social distance management solution.

Stay safe!
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Do you believe social distancing measures so far have effectively slowed down the spread of COVID-19 or have they made no difference?
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* Schedule a Demo - Social Distance Management Solution: Track anonymous behavior to help make better environments and in the case of covid-19, safer business. The sensor works in real time and is founded on principles of safeguarding privacy and individuals are not tracked personally without permission. We comply with Canadian Privacy Act, Privacy Shield, and privacy laws globally including GDPR, CCPA, etc.

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