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SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) - Questions and Scenarios

SAP is at the center of today’s technology revolution, developing innovations that not only help businesses run like never before, but also improve the lives of people everywhere in the world.

As the market leader in Enterprise Application Software, they help companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device - SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

iPuzzlebiz helps you optimize your investment in SAP initial license purchases for Software in Applications, Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Database and Technology. We consult with you to deploy SAP RDS solutions that help you execute business processes with higher speed and excellence.

SAP Rapid Deployment solutions enable you to quickly and affordably deploy SAP solutions for specific business requirements at a low software-to-services ratio. SAP RDS are pre-configured software solutions, with fixed cost, scope and implementation that are ‘ready-to-go’. Key features of IPuzzlebiz' SAP Rapid Deployment Service includes

  • Domain Expertise - Deep understanding of cross-industry best practices addressing specific industry needs
  • Add-ons - Address the white spaces of standard SAP solution by adding bolt-on features
  • End User Enablement - Readily available user guides and manuals speed end-user adoption

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SAP® RDS Responsibilities check list @ iPuzzlebiz

  • Hardware and Software Installation checks
  • Workshop to confirm the pre-defined requirements and scoping questionnaire
  • Provide project documents, e.g: Work breakdown structure and project schedule, Test scripts ...
  • Activation and unit test in the development system
  • Knowledge transfer to key users on configured SAP Rapid Deployment Solution system
  • Advice the customer project team to provide the right IT infrastructure
  • Help customers to obtain and install correct version of software etc, in all project systems
  • Make sure that customer project team provide lead business and IT contacts up-to-date
  • Advice customer project team to conduct effective end-user training and change management
  • Help customer project team to conduct performance and integration testing

Accelerated Deployment - Quick response to most urgent business needs, using ready-made accelerators and solution builder tools for faster deployment; Fixed Price - Low-cost implementation with fixed scope and price; Eliminate Risks - Pre-configured software with in-built validity checks, eliminating the need for unwanted speculation; Faster ROI - Faster time to value than comparative solutions; SAP Best Practices - Solutions are based on SAP standard templates and tools, making solution adoption easier.


SAP IT Portfolio and Project Management rapid-deployment solution

The SAP IT Portfolio and Project Management rapid-deployment solution helps IT organizations manage IT project portfolios and resources. It brings transparency to IT projects and IT service operations. Using an existing integration with SAP ERP, it helps make project costing easier and increase transparency on critical IT resources.

SAP Capital Project Accounting rapid-deployment solution

The SAP Capital Project Accounting rapid-deployment solution enables the SAP ERP application processes to efficiently manage and control capital project financials, including the management of dates and costs, budget distribution, status management, collection of commitments, actual costs, and adjustments of project data during project execution, project period and year-end closing and settlement, and project closing and reporting.

Rapid Deployment Solution Implementation Tools

There is a variety of RDS packages available across the entire portfolio: Line of Business, Industry, Cloud, Mobile and UX, and Analytics. Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) appliances can be used in conjunction with the SAP Software Provisioning Manager to accelerate the software installation process in the cloud or on premise.

There are more implementation tools packaged themselves as RDS, for example: Data Migration RDS use the BOBJ data services tools. There are also combinations of RDS packages that are used during implementation projects, for example, Business Applications with Analytics.


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Enabling the business to grow bigger, not more complex - SAP RDS Scenario Questions

  1. Have you found that your business systems have started to sprawl as your business has grown?
  2. Are your Enterprise Resource Planning, HR, Supply Chain, Customer and Supplier Relationship Management and Business Intelligence systems seamlessly integrated, or do you have a hybrid landscape of point solutions?
  3. Are your current systems becoming increasingly time-consuming and labour-intensive to maintain and support?
  4. Are you confident that your current software is driving measurable business value?
  5. Are your current systems and business processes easily scalable as you grow or diversify?
  6. Were your current solutions designed with your industry in mind, and built on industry-specific best practices?
  7. Are you able to easily activate new functionality within your existing systems as your business requirements evolve?
  8. Do your current systems overlap in terms of functionality, causing redundant data entry or mismatched reporting?
  9. Are you able to provide integrated information throughout your business life-cycle?
  10. Does your current system landscape enable a simplified work environment for business users?
  11. Supporting expansion, diversification or restructuring - SAP RDS Scenario Questions
  12. Have you got a 360 degree view of your operations including subsidiaries, in a common format that supports fast, accurate decisions?
  13. Do your existing systems provide support for both local and international accounting standards to facilitate compliance?
  14. Has a merger or acquisition meant you’ve had to try and knit together disparate IT systems?
  15. Does your current business software enable you to incorporate incremental functionality to cover, for example, new business processes, different trade patterns, new products or additional users?
  16. Can your existing systems be extended to meet cross-country, cross-currency or cross-border trade requirements?
  17. Is a lack of standardized reporting and analysis across different territories or operations impairing your view of your business?
  18. Do you need to align the business processes of a recently-acquired entity to your own?

Before you contact us, please see if your question is listed here! Refer to the question(s) number when scheduling an initial consulting session.


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Example Scenario - The speedy route to customer satisfaction

Keeping up to speed with customers isn’t easy. There’s all sorts of data to juggle, from transaction history and marketing preferences, to social interactions and customer service records.

But while there are countless all-singing, all-dancing CRM software products to help, can any deliver results as fast as SAP Rapid Deployments solutions (RDS)? SAP RDS are pre-configured software solutions, with fixed cost, scope and implementation that are ‘ready-to-go’.

There are more than 150 different solutions to choose from, each targeted to different business needs, including CRM-specific software like SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution with SAP HANA.

SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution with SAP HANA is a revolutionary CRM solution. At the core, it offers comprehensive customer information and reporting capabilities; essential CRM functionality, including account, contact, and activity management; and interactive reports tailored for sales, service, and marketing.

We act as a subject matter expert to lead the projects. Immediately upon retaining iPuzzlebiz to consult your project, we will be accountable to lead the identification, assessment, recommendation and implementation of new processes, BPM redesign and improvements within all functions (including SOA) or product groupings within a business unit, to achieve significant productivity enhancements and customer satisfaction.

Beyond that, it also provides real-time performance, so you can have accurate information at your fingertips as soon as it emerges. You can turn insight into action at lightning-fast speed and react to new opportunities ahead of the competition. But that’s not all.

With SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution you can supercharge your sales, service, and marketing activities faster than ever before. The solution provides pre-configured software, implementation services, best-practice content and templates, and end-user training materials.

In short: everything you need to get up and running, in just a matter of weeks.

- Manage Your Growing Business More Effectively Within Weeks
- SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions: Software that Gets You Working Quickly - VIDEO


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